Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend ranks right up there as one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. I love Thanksgiving Day, and I love starting to get ready for Christmas beginning on the day after Thanksgiving. It all just lifts my spirits--despite all the cold and the snow.

IMG_7130 Sunday photo web

We had two of our favorite families join us in our home for Thanksgiving this year. We had so much fun eating and playing games and just being together. When you can't be with extended family during the holidays, the next best thing is to have amazing friends to share with.

I was a complete delinquent at taking photos because I was too busy taking care of things and, you know, eating and enjoying myself! I did manage to grab a few of the tables before our guests arrived, though.

Here is the kids' table:

IMG_0639 Thanksgiving 14web

Here is the adults' table (which included one teenage girl--Bria!):

IMG_0645 Thanksgiving 14 web

And here is the teenage boys' table (I had to get creative with 16 people in the house!):

IMG_0648 Thanksgiving 14 web

The Pilgrim Hat Place Cards I made turned out great and were a big hit:

IMG_0650 Thanksgiving 14 web

The Maestro did manage to catch a couple photos while we were eating. The kids really loved their hats, and tried to wear them during dinner:


And pretty much nobody but me was actually aware he was taking this photo, but I'm posting it because it is the only one!


On the Day after Thanksgiving I did NOT go Black Friday shopping. For the first time since forever--I think the last time I missed was when I was pregnant with Sophia and throwing up my guts, so getting up early for shopping was not appealing. This year, it wasn't appealing again for many reasons. Partly because too many stores were open on Thursday and I didn't want to go out during Thanksgiving. Partly because we are doing a big vacation this year instead of a lot of gifts. And partly because there are too many TVs and not enough of anything else offered.

Instead of shopping, I slept in! What a concept!

When I finally woke up, we ate leftovers and turned on the Christmas music so we could start the decorating.

We got all the trees up, but I'm still not quite finished with everything else.

The Maestro's job is to put the lights on:

IMG_0653 Christmas 14web

And the girls and I take over from there:


(If you want to read my tutorials for Christmas tree decorating, click here: How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree.)

I just love having my home be all festive and decked out for Christmas! I wish it could be this way all year long, but then it wouldn't be very special, so I appreciate the month of December greatly for bringing such a wonderful spirit into our lives.

IMG_7133 Sunday photo web

Happy Sunday! I hope that your Thanksgiving was beautiful and that the beginning of your Christmas season is amazing!

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