Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

And it is truly the most magical day of the year, too.

It's not because of our Christmas PJs (though they do make us very happy--especially Sophia!).

IMG_7330 Christmas Eve Jammies web

It's not because of the gifts Santa leaves (though they are always just what we wanted--a new BYU sweatshirt for Bria, a FIFA 15 video game for Chloe, and a Lizzie Hearts doll for Sophia).

IMG_0791 Christmas 14 web

It's not because of the anticipation of heading down the stairs to finally see what Santa brought on Christmas morning (though it is definitely REALLY exciting!).

IMG_0795 Christmas 14 webIMG_0796 Christmas 14 webIMG_0798 Christmas 14 web

And it's not even because of all the awesome presents under the tree (this year there were books and violin/piano music and BYU clothing mostly--and most of it wasn't from The Maestro and me because we're going on a tropical vacation for Christmas!).

IMG_0802 Christmas 14 webIMG_7335 Christmas DayIMG_7342 BYU ChristmasIMG_0801 Christmas 14 web

It's not all the Christmas goodies (though Puccini certainly enjoyed eating what Santa left behind...).

IMG_0799 Christmas 14 web

It wasn't spending a lovely Christmas dinner with good friends (we hosted this year, and thanks to Chloe, this is the only photo I have--it's the kids' table--too busy!)
IMG_7339 Christmas Day dinner web

No, it's magical because we love each other a little more, we appreciate each other a little more, we're a little more generous with each other, and because we are celebrating the birth of our Savior. Remembering Him makes us all a little more joyous than usual.

IMG_0806 Christmas 14 webIMG_0808 Christmas 14 webIMG_0807 Christmas 14 web

(This last photo was one of my favorite Christmas morning moments. Chloe had been waiting for months to gift her extensive Littlest Pet Shop collection to her little sister. She's grown out of them, and Sophia loves them still. So when Sophia opened the note that said what she was getting for Christmas from Chloe she attacked her with a bear hug.)

I think this photo of me and a gift from my brother applies, no?

IMG_7334 Christmas Day

I'm sure thankful for all of the free gifts I've been given this Christmas season.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year this week, too!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. That sign from your brother is correct, indeed!
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas - its always fun to see how other people celebrate (and all the traditions involved as well!).

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