Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just Another Sunday

Today's Sunday photo is courtesy Bria. Sophia is pretty sick this weekend--she's been running about a 102 fever--so she and I didn't go to church today. I still haven't recharged my camera battery from last week, so Bria took a selfie when the older girls came back home from church that features Sophia sleeping in the background.

Apparently, she took several photos, but when I got my phone back this was the only one on it. I asked her why and she said, "Because I look really good in that one." Yes. Yes she does. She is also a teenager.

This week has not been very eventful.

Even though Hawaii was incredibly helpful for my well-being, I am feeling myself losing my personality. Because I lose my personality every January.

I spent the majority of my time teaching voice lessons, grading assignments, and chauffering children around town.

The most exciting part of my week was going to my pre-op appointment for my shoulder. And it wasn't exciting in a good way, it was exciting in a scary way. I've known the surgery is coming up, and I know I desperately need it if I would like to do normal things like get dressed and hug people and get things out of my cupboards without crying in pain. But after seeing the sling I will wear (the things is a beast!) and hearing the doctor give me the rundown on my recovery, I'm terrified.

I'm scared because I don't know how I'm actually going to live my life without a lot of help. And, at least for the first few weeks, I won't be able to do ANYTHING without a lot of help.

I'm trying to get a few projects done this coming week, because I may never get to them before summer if I don't.

But today I'm cuddling with my sickie.

Poor baby. At least Puccini is taking good care of her, too. (And Netflix.)

And because I haven't done many snow pictures this year--here is my obligatory feel-sorry-for-me-because-I-am-buried-under-snow photo of the month. It's Sophia walking down the hill after getting off the bus.

This is a mild winter. So other than the loss of personality, it's all good. You don't have to feel too sorry for me.

Happy Sunday!

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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. I hope Sophia is feeling better soon! And that your surgery goes well. But also that your January "funk" passes quickly. January is just one of those months - nothing goes on, and nothing can as it's so dreary out!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I always appreciate your comments and good thoughts!