Sunday, April 05, 2015

Putting the Fun in Easter 2015

I've had a bit more energy than usual these past few days. I decided that I'd better use that energy for good and make Easter weekend at least a little bit fun for the girls.

I'm not much of a fun mom, anyway, so doing a little bit of fun is a big deal!

I took Chloe and Sophia to a sock puppet making class on Friday night. We had a blast together creating some cute puppets, and Sophia loves hers so much she's been sleeping with it on her hand. #MomWin

Yesterday (Saturday) and today (Easter Sunday) was General Conference. I look forward so much to General Conference every year! The talks this time were amazing, as usual, and just what I needed to hear. I loved the focus on marriage, on Christ, and on faith.

I love watching together with my family. (Bria's knees are in this photo...)

And I love how my children are all old enough now that conference is something they appreciate, enjoy, and even listen to! #MomWin

This is a collage Chloe made while listening...this is how it looked on Saturday afternoon. She added more to it today. (I especially love how the Cadbury egg is front and center--like mother, like daughter.)

Last night while The Maestro went to priesthood session, I decided to actually color eggs with the girls. This may not seem like such a big deal, but I hate coloring eggs, so we don't do it much. I think it's been five years maybe since we last tried? Let's just say that Sophia had absolutely NO idea what to do with the eggs and colored vinegar I put in front of her last night. #MomFail

I didn't actually buy a kit, so I just used the food coloring in my cupboard.

We got some really interesting, but pretty, colors.

I especially like this photo of Chloe coloring her eggs. She looks a little bit like a mad scientist.

This morning one of the Primary children in our little branch was getting baptized, so we had a reason to put on Easter dresses, even though it's General Conference weekend.

But first, to find Easter baskets!

I don't know why Bria isn't in any of these pictures, and this picture isn't very good anyway. Is it totally weird that I put sparkling cider in their baskets this year? The girls thought it was awesome, though! They also each got a book, new socks, a new shirt, and a little tiny bit of chocolate. #MomWin

Between sessions, we went to our good friends' home for a lovely Easter dinner. Then we watched the last session all together.

I used up all the energy I had trying to make Easter weekend great for the girls. And while we had a good time, the thing that made it truly great was listening to our prophets speak about the reason we celebrate today. We felt the Spirit, we learned about the Atonement and Grace, and we were with the people we love most.


Happy Easter!!! (PS Aren't my girls GORGEOUS?)(Even though we can't get away with matching dresses anymore?)(I miss matching dresses.)

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