Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day, Weekend Getaway, and a Violin Recital

This past Christmas I gave The Maestro a weekend getaway trip to Minneapolis, complete with tickets to the Minnesota Orchestra and the Minnesota Opera. Of course, this getaway was to include me, so it was kind of a gift to myself, too.

That weekend finally came to fruition Mother's Day weekend. I hadn't really thought about the fact that it was going to be Mother's Day back in December when I was planning it. I was just thinking about the fact that it was the only weekend between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of summer term, so it wouldn't be a big deal for The Maestro to leave.

No matter, though, I had a fabulous time with my husband, and that was a pretty great Mother's Day in my book!

 I was thankful to my friend for being willing to take on three more children for her own Mother's Day! My girls sent me this photo on Sunday morning. We spent most of Sunday driving back from Minneapolis, so I did get to see them on Mother's Day for a little while.

While in Minneapolis The Maestro and I saw Carmen (staged 1970s style, complete with roller skates, go-go boots, and disco) at the Minnesota Opera and some Eric Whitacre orchestra world premieres at the Minnesota Orchestra.

At the opera--The Maestro was thrilled with our proximity to the orchestra.
We ate some great food.

We attended the temple. Seriously, I miss having a temple closer than 7 hours away. I am so thankful to take the opportunity to go whenever we can, even if that means we didn't get a chance to do a few other things in the Cities.

We also went to IKEA. I'll be showing you soon the transformation that trip made for my living room. I'm in love with it!

But here's a small peek...because my Mother's Day gift was a giant canvas of my favorite family photo (taken by Brockit). It's 30 inches x 40 inches and I could look at it all day long. (That's Sophia sleeping on the couch, just in case the cheetah print blanket and jammies didn't give it away.)

The day after we got back from Minneapolis, The Maestro hopped on a flight for China to guest conduct a symphony there. While I'm thrilled for him and the experience he is having, I miss him a lot.

He totally spoils me. I am a spoiled rotten princess. I haven't had to take Bria to seminary once this year and now I have to do it for two weeks (one week to go!) and it is killing me. I will never be a morning person, but at least I don't have to go to work because I am not teaching summer term. So I won't complain too much since I can just go back to bed once the other two are off to school.

He also spoils me in the cooking department. Let's just say my girls aren't too thrilled with the meals mom makes. My talents lie in other areas--like putting together IKEA furniture.

Since I've been single parenting it this week, I don't actually have a Sunday Photo from today. Also because right after church we had to run to Bria's violin recital and it lasted for two hours. And then I had to figure out dinner for some very hungry girls.

This video of Bria will just have to suffice for today's Sunday photo. And that is actually just a really thin excuse for putting it here because I really just want to show off my incredibly talented daughter. Plus this is one of my favorite pieces she has ever played. I just love it.

And I just love her. (And also my other two children, just in case there is any confusion--they just didn't have recitals today!)

Happy Sunday!

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