Sunday, June 14, 2015

School's Out and Summer's Already Way In

School is finally out, you guys. I tell you, this last part of the school year in June kills me right off.

But we survived (barely). I stopped working in May and had hoped to get a ton of stuff done while the girls were at school and I was at home. But, The Maestro headed to China and I mostly just caught up on sleep. I did redo my bedroom completely (a whole post about that coming soon) and joined the gym and went semi-regularly. I'm starting to feel a bit better from the Lyme treatment, but not all days are good. Still, there are more good days than there were when I first started, so that's something.

I think this is the first year ever that I didn't take last day of school photos before the girls left in the morning. I was having a bad day so I didn't even get up to see them off. Worst mom ever award, I know, but I knew I had to drive 4 hours to Green Bay later that day and I was worried about my ability to make it.

So, after school, I managed to get a couple pictures with my phone:

Woo hoo! School's out! Nobody's more excited than Sophia. This year wasn't a super easy year for her at school, and I'm looking forward to working on some things with her over the summer and getting off to a better start for fourth grade. FOURTH GRADE. What?

Chloe went on a walk with her class on the last day of school. When she got home, she had a humongous goose egg on her head because while she was walking, a fairly large rock (she says it was the size of a watermelon--I don't know about that) came loose above her and hit her in the head.

No worries, she's fine aside from the knot in her head, and aside from that dramatic send off, her 6th-grade year was great. She learned a lot of organization skills that we'll have to continue to work on so she can continue to be successful in 7th grade--she can be a bit flighty and easily distracted. But that's what we love about her most.

I didn't even see Bria on the last day of school. She and her friends walked to get ice cream after school was out, and then congregated at a friend's house and had a bunch of fun. Meanwhile, I took Sophia on our Girl Scout trip to Green Bay, so I never got a photo. This one I took on Friday morning before I dropped her off for the weekend at a youth orchestra camp.

Bria absolutely loved her Freshman year. I am impressed with the work ethic she developed, and the excellent grades she received to show for it. She has a great group of friends and they work hard and play hard. I am realizing that I have very little time left with her at home, so I'm looking forward to making the most of this summer with her--even though she'll be gone a lot to things like girls camp and youth orchestra.

We've officially had four days of summer, if you count the weekend. And we've already managed to jam-pack those days full of summer fun (and we haven't even had our summer kick-off party yet--that's tomorrow!).

Sophia and I visited Green Bay for a whirlwind Girl Scout trip. We visited Lambeau Field (home of the Packers--though Sophia informed me she is a Lions fan, who knew?), ate at Chuck-E-Cheese (possibly the highlight of the trip), and spent the night at the zoo where we got to learn all about animals and their habitats and walk around the zoo at night and early in the morning. So much fun!

Chloe's been participating in a basketball day camp and has already had a handful of soccer games this summer. She has turned into quite the little sports nut, and I love how serious she is about the game. Especially soccer. Unfortunately, her season is almost over already. But she is making the most of the few games she has left—made even better by the fact her BFF is on her team.

Bria had a wonderful time at her youth orchestra camp. She got to stay in the dorms at the university that is about two hours away and made a few new friends. They rehearsed for about 13 hours total in two days and then played a fabulous final concert. She was not happy with me for making her do this, but is already looking forward to going again next year. Sometimes mom knows best, right?

She's been rehearsing with her string quartet, because they have a few gigs to play for this summer. And she's testing out of English 10 this summer and so she has a TON of novels to read, essays to write, and studying to do. I'm looking forward to helping her with it all.

And I'm also really looking forward to spending a wonderful and busy summer with my kiddos. I'm not working, and I only have a small singing gig in July which happens to fall when Bria and Chloe will be at girl's camp anyway. Summer Kick Off Party coming tomorrow--look for it!

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