Sunday, July 05, 2015

Someone to Lava

I think today was the first real summer weather we've had this year! It was an absolutely perfect day, and if it hadn't been Sunday, we would have donned our swimsuits and headed to the beach to play. But since it is Sunday, we headed to the beach to enjoy the weather, be together, and feel the type of peace that only the beach offers.

The girls have been somewhat obsessed with learning the ukulele this summer. Before school was out, I noticed that a friend of mine would be teaching a beginning ukulele class for the summer and I mentioned it to the girls. They were all over it, so I splurged a bit to buy them good instruments and they had all learned a few chords (except Bria, who learned way more than a few chords), before their class even started.

Sophia is never without at least a bit of her signature cheetah print...

When we were in Hawaii this past winter, I bought them matching muumuus with the plan to take a photo on the beach before we flew home to Michigan. Unfortunately, we never got around to doing that photo while still on Maui so I've been waiting for a good day to do it here. Lake Superior beaches are almost exactly like Hawaiian beaches, you know. (Well, they are if you don't count the temperature!)

Since today was so beautiful, I made them dress in their muumuus and bring their ukes down to the beach so we could do a little photoshoot. It took a bit of convincing, but they eventually humored me and I think they had fun with it.

I love the results, anyway, even if they didn't have as much fun as I hope they did.

I love how much fun they're having with their ukuleles. Every night after we say our family prayers and they are sent upstairs to bed, I hear ukulele music drifting downstairs for the next hour or so. I love it.

The other day Chloe and Sophia came home from their ukulele class so excited (Bria got moved to the adult uke class since she taught herself so thoroughly)! Mom! You'll never guess what song we get to learn now! It's Someone to Lava!

They absolutely loved that Pixar Short when we went to see Inside Out last week. I know a lot of people thought it was a super boring short, but it really spoke to the Hawaiian hearts of my girls. And, also, their new found love for the ukulele. (Didn't you know? Everyone in my family is Hawaiian except me.)(They also all have Hawaiian names.)

Now that I look at this next photo, I realize I should have had them spell out LAVA instead. Oh well, maybe next time. If I can ever convince them to wear their muumuus to the beach again, anyway! And maybe someday I can convince them to play the ukulele while being filmed. It might take a miracle, though.

I sure lava them!

Happy Sunday!

PS:  If you're curious about which ukuleles and cases I purchased for the girls, you can check them out on Amazon.

Kala soprano ukulele
Ukulele case
Ukulele picks

PPS: We had a very nice July 4th weekend, but I didn't really take many photos. The ones I did take were taken with my phone. If you follow me on Instagram you can see how our holiday went. But it included our traditional trifle, fireworks, and beach visit. Our beach visit was definitely the coldest and foggiest Independence Day beach trip in the history of ever. If you don't believe me, check Instagram for proof.

And just for fun, a little "behind the scenes" photo The Maestro snapped of me while I was convincing the girls to smile for the camera.

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  1. Helena Ahlstrom JoleMon Jul 06, 12:28:00 AM

    Too cute. (Wow, Bria looks a lot older all of a sudden.) I had a YW leader who brought her baritone ukulele to youth conference and taught me a few songs.

  2. I know it. It's killing me how fast they grow once they hit middle school.

  3. We are OBSESSED with Lava, ukuleles and Hawaii over here! (Helps that Daddy works for Disney, too!) I think Lava was beautiful and very well done, I can't believe anyone said it was "boring?!!"