Monday, September 14, 2015

Back to School Photos {finally!}

You guys, the girls have been in school for exactly one week and it is already kicking my butt.

I'm feeling a little bit like those dead flowers on my front porch. The ones that wilted during a heat spell when we left for the weekend and never quite revived no matter how much water and love I tried to give them.

This first week of school was that heat spell, and I'm having a tough time resuscitating myself! I went back to work the week before school started, and then, well, school really started. Suddenly the girls were doing all of their normal stuff that we took a break from in the summer. Violin (not Sophia, though), piano, cross country, soccer, church activities, homework, and more homework. Some things like orchestra and dance (Sophia's new activity), did not start until this week. But it doesn't really matter. I'm already dead.

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I had a whole list of things I wanted to do today so I could breathe more easily this week, but instead I spent a large portion of the day lying in bed watching Gilmore Girls episodes. Because I just could not make myself move.

So, now that I've whined a little bit, here are some photos of my gorgeous girls on their first day of school last week. Soon, those dead flowers will be replaced with some pumpkins—hopefully my life will do the same. As always, I'm working to find balance and I'll figure it out eventually. For now, I'm being happy that I started before the girls, because at the end of the semester, I will be ahead of the game, no matter how behind I am right now.

Without further ado:

Bria {sophomore}:

How gorgeous is she? She is growing into such a wonderful young lady. So responsible, so kind, so willing to try new things. I'm excited for her to have a great year this year!

Chloe {7th Grader}: 

This is Chloe's second year in middle school. She's joined the Cross Country team like her older sister and is really enjoying that. She is fun and bubbly and starting the year off right with her school work.

Sophia {4th Grader}:

Sophia is hilarious. She is driven and helpful and a little bit crazy. I'm hoping this year she will start being a bit more organized in school. I'm thrilled about the teacher she has, and she really loves him. It will be a good year!

This is the year that things have come full circle. When we moved here to Michigan, Bria was entering the fourth grade and Sophia was just starting her first year of preschool. Six years later, and Sophia is just as big as Bria was back then, but it doesn't really feel that way. She is my baby, after all, and Bria has grown and matured so much. It's strange how that works.

I love back to school photos. No matter how sad I am about my kids growing up, there is just something so exciting about that first day and the new beginnings it brings. Now, I'd better jump off the computer and start getting some things prepped so that things run more smoothly the rest of this week and I can start un-wilting myself!

PS Sorry the photos aren't all in focus. We were in a big hurry, as usual. 

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