Sunday, September 06, 2015

Benediction to Summer 2015

I've been a great big Sunday Photo slacker around here. I think I'll start doing them on the first Sunday of each month instead of every week (or, in the case of lately, instead of never). So, even though this particular photo is cheating since I took it on Friday, it's my Sunday photo for September.

School starts on Tuesday. I know we are the last people on earth to start school, but I'm still not ready. I love summer and I never feel quite ready for fall and school and the holidays to come and jerk me out of the blissful, sunny, warm, lazy reality that is summer vacation.

It's actually been pretty darn hot around here for September, so we headed to the beach on Friday and spent an amazing 8 hours there. The beach we chose is called Misery Bay, but I can attest it was anything but miserable. And for the first time this year, I actually brought my good camera to the beach instead of just my phone.

The girls and I went out around noon with one set of friends, and throughout the day more friends gradually joined us. The Maestro even came out as soon as he was finished up teaching for the day and we stayed almost until the sun set. Eight glorious hours spent soaking up the last rays of the summer sun.

The kids caught little minnows, built sand creations, played in the water for hours and hours, and danced on the beach. Some other friends brought their paddleboards, too, so Chloe was out there working on her balance for quite a while (whenever she wasn't dancing on the beach, that is).

The adults sat and chatted, and when we got too hot we got in the water. Even I, who rarely voluntarily puts myself into Lake Superior, got in many times. The water was perfect. The day was perfect. Everything was so perfect it was almost not real.

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The best part of this day for me was that there was no phone service. I get so distracted by all of the notifications and apps on my phone, that it is so refreshing to be forced to put it away and just be in the present. I work on this all the time, but it ultimately takes going into the wilderness to really and truly unplug. The only thing I used my phone for was to get some great photos of Chloe and her friends dancing and jumping on the beach.

I think part of the reason I am so sad when summer ends is that I often didn't make enough of it. I spent too much time worrying about the unimportant stuff, or over-committing myself to things that eat up my summer. And even though I love my singing gigs and I don't totally mind putting together the annual benefit recital that I oversee, I resent them for eating into my beach time or my family fun time.

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But mostly, I totally resent myself for not being willing to drop everything and head to the beach more often. I think that I've finally learned my lesson this year, and I PROMISE that I will not overschedule myself or my kids and that as soon as it's a nice day, we will head to the beach.

These are the moments that matter. These are the things that count. Spending time with family and friends, out in nature. These are the things that my children will remember about their summer.

Plus, it keeps them off their devices (just like me)!

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Even though school starts soon, and even though I feel fall in the air, I'm hoping we will have just enough days with warm enough weather to make the most of what's left of our summer days.

No matter what.

Good-bye Summer Vacation 2015. We will remember you fondly and miss you muchly. You will provide our souls with much-needed warmth during the long winter months!

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