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Last week, my friend Crystal lost her 8 month old son to SIDS. Yesterday (Wednesday) was his funeral. Since she lives in Arizona and I couldn’t attend, my family released balloons for him yesterday afternoon, which is what Crystal asked everyone to do.

Ever since I found out about Sage’s passing last week, I have been very introspective and teary. I have always admired Crystal for her dedication to motherhood. It is obvious that she enjoys every minute of it and she always has a smile on her face. I will never forget the day she showed up at my doorstep with a bouquet of daisies because I was sick and pregnant with Sophie, even though she was sick and pregnant herself. That’s just how Crystal is.

I have been so thankful this week for my children, and for my knowledge that families are forever. I can’t imagine having to go through such a loss. I am so glad to know that Crystal and Spencer will be with their sweet baby again, and I am grateful that they know it.

Sage's balloons
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I’ve heard far too many stories recently of sweet babies dying. How lucky we are to have the knowledge and opportunity to be eternal families.


How very tragic. And then, how not tragic at all. (Oh death, where is thy sting!) I hope your friend and her family find all the comfort they can to get through this most difficult time.

Fantastic pictures here, Lara.

Just SO

My heart aches for you friend. And my prayers are with her. It is difficult to say goodbye any time but it seems particularly hard when we lose those little ones.


What a difficult thing for your friend to go through. I can’t imagine her pain and sense of loss. Thank goodness for the knowledge that families are forever.


That is so tough. I can’t even pretend to imagine. I think the balloons are a great way of vicariously being part of the funeral.


Oh man, that just breaks my heart. SIDS terrifies me. I lost a cousin to SIDS 6 months before I was born (so I never met him) and gosh, did I say it terrifies me?


We are very blessed to have this great gift of knowledge that Families are Forever. One of my best friends in highschool had a mutiple birth pregnancy and lost all but one baby. I wish I could have given this gift to her. Unfortunately she just wasn’t ready to accept it. But one day I know she will see her babies again.

Kristina P.

I can’t even imagine what they are going through. I am so glad we have the gospel at times like these.


I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. I agree – thank goodness for our testimonies of the gospel!


I’m so glad for the knowledge that we have and the fact that Heavenly Father loves families enough to keep us together long after Earth life.


I am so so sorry! It is so hard to face this tragedy on earth, so hard to understand, but we know the plan! I can’t imagine what this mommy is feeling, I don’t know her and feel such sorrow for her. You are such a wonderful family to do that for her! I love you.


So very sorry 🙁 I too am grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. These pictures you took are just breathtaking Lara!


Oh dear. A worst fear realized. My heart aches for that dear family. Your pictures are beautiful dear, as always. Its nice to know that we WILL see our loved ones again.


Your such a good friend!! I too am very grateful to know that “Families are forever.”


This so heartbreaking! This has not been a good week for a lot of people. Another blog friend blogged about her neighbor who lost their baby to SIDS just a few days ago. By eight months, you feel pretty safe that something like that isn’t going to happen–so sorry!

That Girl

Oh my gosh. I … can’t imagine. I can’t even DESCRIBE how I can’t imagine it.

… and I’m glad it’s true, too …


I feel terribly sad for your friend’s loss. There have been too many like this lately that I know of. It would be so hard to understand and get through it without the knowledge of Forever Families!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin

My heart aches for Crystal and her family. SHe seems to have a strong family that will help her through this.. Her blog just brought tears to my heart! Take care


My heart aches so for this sweet friend of yours. Today I cry tears, not for my baby that is going to die, but for her baby that has now slipped to our Father in Heaven.


Goodness, the baby had the best name ever too.
Life isn’t fair, that’s so very true.


I read this last night & was distraught over it. SIDS is so rare in babies over 6 months old. I rushed to Lucas' crib to listen to him breathe and said about 100 prayers…

the loss of a child is unimaginable.


Oh wait, the husband’s named Spencer. I get it now. My goodness, it’s too sad though, I can’t think about it.


I too have just ached for her family!! What a sweet gesture from one state to another!

She is an amazing woman!


I was heartbroken reading their story. . . but at the same time felt peace just as they did. Knowing where we come from and knowing our families are eternal. I am thankful for their family sharing their story, a reminder to me to put my life in prospective.

By the way, that was Ainsley’s lipstick face, in this case concealer face 🙂


What amazing photos! Our bunch kept tangling no matter how much we tried to unravel them. Plus, the bunch got caught in our tree, none popped, but rather, each one escaped with the wind. It was a very peaceful feeling for me to look out the window and see one less balloon…


So very sad. This breaks my heart and I don’t even know these people. This is the second time today that I have cried because of someone losing their baby.


thoughts and prayers for her family. I cannot imagine and I am sorry that you weren’t able to be there.


How sad. I can’t possibly imagine the heartache.


Oh, I am so sorry…devastating !