Grandparents Rock!

My parents are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning.  We got a ton of work done around my house and I am so grateful to them for using their vacation time to come help us poor souls do things like, oh, replace toilets and carpet, cut baseboards and keep up with the never ending laundry.  Of course, it wasn’t all hard work and we had lots of fun shopping, eating and playing together, too.

Tonight I did an impromptu photo shoot with the girls and Mamah and Grandpa in our front yard.  The sun was already setting when we decided, so I was losing light fast, but I got some good ones that I can’t wait to frame.  Since I never did get fall photos this year.  Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’d like to say I will, but my parents will be gone, so I’ll probably be crying.

On our porchWith ChloeMom and DadWith BriaGranddaughterswith SophiaMamah and GrandpaMom and Dad

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The Atomic Mom

Such great photos Lara. What a beautiful family you all are. So glad we are friends. 🙂


Oh they are great photos, Love them!!!


Oh they are beautiful! The photos, the grandparents, the girls, everything! And what a great tie you had. I am so glad they got to go out and visit you. Hopefully their next visit will be for Halloween, right?


Your parents are beautiful!!! Great pictures!

L.T. Elliot

Wow. Just…you're amazing. That's what. Look what a beautiful, beautiful family you have. Your parents smiles are so AWESOME! They look so happy. That one with all the kids laughing? That's the very picture of love.


They turned out beautifully. Great looking parents! Of course the girls are cute as ever.


They are really great photos! I'm glad you had a great visit.


Would you tell us how you pose your subjects? Your photos always look so great and natural! I'm taking some family photos soon and I really need some advice! 🙂


Those are great! I would say they need to be given to your parents in some form of Christmas presents don't you think?

Lisa S

Beautiful, just beautiful pictures!


They are so photogenic – what a great gene pool!!!

And the photos are beautiful – maybe I'll have to get out and snap some this afternoon.


Great shots. Glad you got to spend some fun time with your parents.


Oh, Lara, I LOVE these photos! They are gorgeous and the subject matter just makes me so happy.


You are soooo lucky to have parents that can come over and help you around the house! They seem like such awesome people- I LOVE the photos that you took!


Your parents are so amazing.
And how nice to have such memorable pictures to document their visit. Very nice.


I see where you get your good looks! These are terrific shots. And I think the light is perfection.


i LOOOOVE these!!!! So beautiful! What a fun time together…we wish we could have been there too! Sophia looks more and more like a Preston/Snell every time I see new photos of her! The girls are all so pretty and growing far too fast. Can't wait to see you all soon 🙂


Great pics! I bet the girls LOVED having them around for a bit

Annette Lyon

Grandparents make the world go round. Those are priceless pictures!


My in-laws always do tons of projects when they come. It is fantastic. Your parents are beautiful!


Beautiful family!

Relyn Lawson

These are stunning images. real treasures. And oh how beautiful your parents are.