I am grateful for the bus that comes too freaking early, because it makes me wake up and enjoy the beautiful morning.

I am grateful for a new day.

I am grateful for the overload of lessons I teach each day, because it makes me use my talents and find joy in helping others.

Iam grateful for my talents.

I am grateful for my insane daily schedule, because it makes me treasure the little stolen moments with my husband and children.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for an imperfect body, because it makes me try harder to be healthy.

I am grateful for health.

I am grateful for the hard times, because they make me realize the good times.

I am grateful for life.

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I am grateful for grateful lists, because they make me stop and think about my life. I am grateful for friends that remind me to be grateful.


Every coin is double sided, isn't it. It's that whole opposition in all things. If there were no bad, you wouldn't recognize the good!


i am grateful for you!!! loved this cute post. thanks for the reminders of all the things we should be grateful for!

Kristina P.

I am grateful for Exedrin!


I need to take a page out of your book. It's always a good idea to find the reasons to be grateful. Thanks for the reminder.


Great list, with some good reminders!


Fan of the gratitude! Great post


I LOVE this!! I'm grateful for THIS.


I am grateful for friends that remind us of what is great in life and are inspiring. Great post.


I am grateful to read inspiring things that make me want to be a better person. 🙂


Very sweet.

Heather of the EO

You are grateful. And inspiring.


I love that you did a "grateful" post not even slightly close to Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for you and Joel and my sweet nieces. Miss you guys all the time.



Braden Bell

Great post, lara. Very inspiring.


The bit about trying harder to be healthy…yes, I so agree.

I'm thinking of starting up yoga classes once a week, and dusting off my mat & DVDs and stretching myself into a limp noodle again. I love it, I miss it, I need to take time for it, you know?

L.T. Elliot

I'm grateful for this post and the reminder to see more of the good and less of the difficult.