The Halloween Conundrum

You may or may not rememberour costumes from last year.

I had a lot of fun making them, and had hoped to make it a tradition. However, last year Istarted in early September and didn’t finish the last costume until the morning of October 31st. That means, if I’m going to make good and make it a tradition, I’d better get started yesterday. Or at least by next week.

I was struggling to come up with a fun sort of theme. The kids (coughcoughBRIAcoughcough) aren’t too hip on the whole theme idea, anyway, and all have pretty definite ideas of what they would like to be this Halloween. But I thought of a way to make them all work together in a sneakily thematic sort of fashion, and I don’t think even Bria will mind too much.

Bria wants to be Susan/Ginormica from Monsters vs. Aliens.

Chloe wants to be a cowgirl.

Sophia wants to be a skunk. (No idea where she’s getting this idea, but there you go.)

So, we’re doing a kids’ movie kind of theme. We’ve got Ginormica. Then we’ve got Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl from Toy Story 2, and we even have Stella the Skunk from Over the Hedge.

Now, what will Joel and I be?

That is the conundrum.


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How about the parents from the Incredibles?

Kristina P.

I was thinking the same thing as Anonymous up there. That would be perfect!


That is hard since parents in Disney movies are hard to come by… I vote for the Sultan from Aladin and the mom/sorceress in Enchanted.


I second barbaloot! You two would be perfect as those characters.


My first thought was Elastagirl and Mr. Incredible…


Ummm…Crazy old Maurice and Mrs. Potts? (Our Disney library is consistent with the ages of our children…)

I never was one for fancy hallowe'en costumes. Some years my kids just went trick or treating dressed as "kids whose mother really isn't one for fancy hallowe'en costumes".

Which consisted mainly of t-shirts, jeans, and a very grumpy face.


You could do Cruella and Jasper or Horace. No, wait, Joel should definitely be Roger (that was the dalmatian owner's name, right?), being all musical and all. Hopefully wouldn't be a difficult costume (just a big fake nose).

We never dress up, so good for you guys.

Annette Lyon

I just think it's cool that you and Joel bother dressing up. That's too much work for me. If the kids are costumed, I'm good.

Here's a fun one: after watching the finale of American Idol this year, my 4th grader decided that all 4 kids should dress up as KISS. Only one other agreed to the idea, but I can only imagine my neighbors' reactions.

They view me as a very conservative, literary little Molly. (Why, I'm not really sure.)

MY kids walking around dressed like KISS? I'd LOVE to do it just to see their faces, if I could just convince the 12-yr-old.


I agree with the above comments on the Incredibles. You two would be perfect!


Incredibles would be great, depends on how you feel about tight full-body suits, though!


wall-e and eve, from wall-e.

(sorry, i just watched that movie for the first time last night. it's all i got)


I second Anonymous in saying you should be the parents from The Incredibles!


Snow White and her prince… (just thinking you would be a cute Snow White, with your darling short dark hair!)


Dumbledore and that witch girl?


I am impressed with your preparing so early for Halloween. Can't wait to see your girls costumes !

I was just talking to our daughter this morning about my least favorite holiday and she said she had all good memories of it and never knew I didn't like Halloween. Mission accomplished !


Incredibles was my first thought too, but I don't know if I'd want to walk around in a bodysuit like that 🙂

How about Mary Poppins and Burt?


Prince John and Sir Hiss.


My first thought was Ursula from Little Mermaid- but the Broadway Ursula. If you haven't seen the costume/makeup for her from the Broadway show- look it up, it's awesome.
I don't know about Joel though, maybe let him be Mr Incredible.
I really like the Burt and Mary Poppins idea though.


Beauty and the Beast!!!


Being Calvin's parents was genius last year. Doesn't someone have parents in a movie?


You could keep your witch theme going, and go as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (You'd look rockin' in the headdress!!)…maybe Joel could be Jafar?

Maybe I just have way too much fun with the whole Disney Villains thing…


I think you would make a very cute Colette (is that right?) from Ratatouille and your hubby could be Liguini. He could carry a mouse.

Loralee and the gang...

How about Shreck and Fiona? Those would be some mighty cool costumes to sew! Maybe Sophia would then decide to be Donkey…


Themes are tricky with larger families, but helpful too because most movies etc. have multiple characters.

This is the first year we will all be matching & themed if you will. I'm excited!


If you must stick to a family theme, I would say a couple of dwarves from Snow White. But you could make up their names to correspond to your life this year. Something to do with moving. Or you could go with Sleepy and Grumpy if that fits!

L.T. Elliot

You could be the couple from "UP". (I frickin' loved that movie!)


I think the couple in UP will be so cute! I'm throwing my very first Halloween Party indoors so I'll be watching for ideas on that as well. Have fun sewing!