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Keep Children's Clothing Off the Floor

This week I am sharing ways that I've applied the principles of decluttering in my own house. So far, we've seen my closet, the playroom, and how we handle electronic devices. Today I am going to show you how we solved a "clothing on the floor" problem in my youngest daughter's room. 

I have written before about the whirlwind that is Sophia. Her room is often quite messy due to her whirlwind nature. Then she gets really distracted while trying to clean it up.

Here is a photo from this past January:

What a mess!

Scary, huh?

I will say that her room has not gotten that messy since. Mostly because I introduced the Mommy Clean Checklist and because I remind her to use it almost every day. It has made a huge difference. And so has having the playroom be more organized. The toys live in there now, and don't get brought out to other parts of the house as often because the girls are happy to play in the clean and organized playroom. It's truly amazing.

But I have noticed that there is another problem that happens in Sophia's room.

When she gets ready in the morning, she goes through her drawers and closet true to her whirlwind nature. She flings shirts and pants all around in search for the one thing that she wants to wear, and she doesn't think to put them back into her drawers when she finds her favorite outfit.

It's frustrating to send her off to school and then to go upstairs to find her entire wardrobe on the floor. And when she comes home from school and I ask her to clean it up, she is too tired and cranky and complains loudly about having to do it (afternoon is not her best time of day). She will make a small effort, but usually she gives up after a bit and either I do it, or it is left for the next day.

I really try hard not to clean up my children's messes for them. But sometimes it feels like there is no other choice!

I did some brainstorming about this particular problem, and while I was at the store buying an over-the-door shoe organizer, I saw this other hanging organizer and a lightbulb went on in my head.

I bought it, and we now use it to hold all of Sophia's outfits for the entire week (with the exception of Saturday). Every Sunday night, she picks out her outfits for each day, including socks and underwear.
She absolutely loves to do this. A nice side effect of the exercise, is that she actually spends time planning her outfits and looks a little nicer at school these days.

Each day is labeled.

Help children keep their clothes neater by choosing outfits a week in advance and storing them in a hanging closet organizer.

(Yes, there is a bit of a cheetah obsession going on with this child, why do you ask?)

It has lessened the clothing explosion on her floor considerably. There are still dirty clothes to contend with, but she is getting better and better at putting them in the hamper instead of on the floor.

Keep your kids' clothes off the floor by having them choose their outfits a week ahead of time.

Other things that lessen clothing explosions in children's rooms:

  • Sort through clothing often and retire anything that doesn't fit. I like to do this while I'm folding laundry. There is almost always something that they have outgrown in every load.
  • Immediately throw away socks with holes in them or that are missing mates.
  • Carefully assess needs before buying your child new things.
  • Be picky about hand-me-downs. Take only what your child needs and donate the rest.
  • Make sure the hamper is easy for your child to get to and to use.

What has helped you keep your kids' clothes off the floor?

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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. We did this for Zoya and Tevin! It works great when you remember to have them fill it....

  2. I do the same for my little one. A few weeks ago I organized her room and she is keeping it clean. Phew, I am so happy about that. Great tips

  3. We have and use one of those, too! And we did clean out my daughter's closet completely this summer, but OY! It gets cluttered up again quickly. But I think this is a great idea. :)

  4. What a smack-my-head, why-didn't-I-think-of-that idea Lara! I don't have the problem of clean clothes being pulled out and lying on the floor (still pick most of my daughter's clothes with her), but I'm going to use one of these for all the clothes that can be worn again so they don't pile up on the floor! She can wear them again on weekends or the following week and I don't have to deal with clothes on the floor. LOVE IT! Thanks :)

  5. Yes, I have forgotten a few times and the wardrobe explosion quickly reminds me why it's so great!

  6. Always wonderful when they keep their rooms clean on their own!

  7. I wish I knew how to keep it from getting to be a mess so quickly. But, yes, this idea has made a big difference!

  8. That's a great way to use it, too, Hilda! I hate dealing with clothes on the floor. And I feel like I am always dealing with clothes on the floor. Next is to figure out a magical way to keep my teenager's clothes off the floor, LOL!

  9. What has worked the best for our girls (4&7) is a narrow rope attached between two hooks, or decorative knobs, on the wall. I put a small decorative metal bucket on their dressers and filled it with clothes pins. When they undress, they throw the dirty clothes in a hamper and hang the "still clean enough to wear again" on the rope with a clothes pin. The reason this works better than hooks is that you can add as many pins as you need and don't have to hang things on top of other things. They then choose clothing from the rope in the morning before going to their dressers. I love this system and so do they AND it cuts down on laundry!

  10. That sounds like a genius idea! And anything that cuts down on laundry is obviously genius. :) It sounds really cute, too.