Everything in its Place

Now that you have a place for everything it’s time to actually make sure everything is in its place!

Today is Day 19 of our 30 Day Decluttering Series. We’ve really been focusing on the idea that everything needs to have a place in your home. Today we’ll be talking about how to make sure things are actually in that assigned place.

I can already see that the biggest battle for keeping clutter from taking over is not just having a place for everything, but actually putting everything in its place.

I know this is obvious. But it’s also the hardest part.

When I walk in the door to my house, I have a terrible habit of setting my keys down on the first flat surface I stop at. Sometimes this is the bookshelf, sometimes it’s the radiator, sometimes the dining table, other times the kitchen counter. Still other times I throw them in my purse instead of setting them down. My husband has the same habit of setting them down in a random place instead of putting them back where they belong.

Consequently, we can never find the keys.

My children get a huge kick out of watching us frantically look for the car keys, only to find them hanging on their designated hook in the kitchen. They think it is hilarious that we never look there first. I don’t think it’s funny at all. It’s downright sad!

Here I have a spot for the keys. It’s in a practical place. The kitchen is, after all, the hub of the household. We usually do walk into the kitchen first after arriving home.

So why do I only put my keys on the hook 1 out of 10 times?

Pure laziness. That’s what I always tell myself.

But that is not the actual truth.

The reason why I never put my keys on the hook is because I have not made it a HABIT to do so.

For the next few days, I’m challenging myself to ALWAYS put my keys back where they belong. Once I am doing really well with that, I will move on to my purse—another item I spend a lot of time searching for that also has a designated spot.

I’m going to challenge the rest of my family to also pick one item that they will focus on putting back in its place this week.

And I’m challenging you to do the same, of course!

Other things I can never find:

  • Library books
  • Rental DVDs
  • My purse
  • My phone
  • My gloves
  • My camera

Things the kids can never find:

  • Their shoes
  • Their hoodies
  • Library books
  • Homework folders
  • Electronic devices
  • Their money
  • Music books

Today’s assignment:

  • Which items are never in their proper places?
  • Why?
  • Change the place to something more practical, if necessary.
  • Choose an item and focus this week on always putting it back where it belongs.

Find all of the posts in this 31 Day Challenge here: A Place for Everything: 31 Days to Less Clutter and More Peace.

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I have found that the best place to keep my keys is in my purse. Any time I am going someplace I always take my purse with me, so it makes sense to just keep my keys in there. Similarly, when I return home I am always carrying my purse into the house with me, so as soon as I unlock the door I put my keys in my purse, then hang it where it belongs. Keys are one thing I seldom search for. The same is not true for my cell phone, though. I think that is what I will focus on this week!


Since we are a one-car family and our one car only has one set of keys (we have not been willing to pay the exorbitant fee to copy the smart key!)–I can't store the keys in my purse. I totally would, though, because that's what makes the most sense to me. Someday, when we both have our own set, I will!

And it sounds like you've got the purse thing under control, too. Mine gets set willy-nilly all over the house and then I can't find it when I need it!

Good luck with the cell phone focus. 🙂


I will be reading lots of your post as soon as it's bedtime around here. Goodness knows I could use organization in my life! 🙂

Hilda Rodgers

I love that you're involving your whole family in this Lara! That will make a huge difference in how many things end up in their proper places!