5 Simple Ways Decluttering Can Make You Happier

Studies show that clutter can cause depression. If that’s true, the opposite is also true—decluttering can make you happier. 

There is a psychological benefit to decluttering—get rid of clutter and you can be happier! Here are 5 simple ways you'll find more happiness when you finally get the clutter out of your house.

Last year, my 31 Days series was all about decluttering my home. Never before had I concentrated so long and so fully on getting rid of clutter, and it literally changed my life and my household. I learned so many lifelong lessons about the way the clutter around us can affect our peace—and yes, the happiness of our home.

Here are 5 simple ways getting the clutter out of your life can make your home (and YOU!) happier:

Getting rid of clutter is a big way to increase the happiness in your home. 5 reasons why.#overstuffedlife

1. You’ll have more space.

Somehow, seeing a table that is clear of stuff helps me breathe easier. Having the space for the important things. When you get rid of the things you don’t use and that sit gathering dust, you make room for the things that are truly useful and the things that you truly love.

2. You’ll find things more easily.

Nothing causes a home to go from happy to unhappy as fast as not being able to find a necessary item. When people are waiting to go out the door to an event and something needed is missing, that’s when yelling, crying, and general chaos ensue (at least, it does at my house!).

Knowing where things are from the get-go means everyone stays calmer, you aren’t late to everything, and things stay organized (as opposed to getting frantically thrown everywhere in an effort to find the missing item).

3. Your house will stay cleaner.

When I finally got rid of all of the craft clutter that was taking up space in my office, my office stayed pretty pristine for weeks without my having to try. It is only messy now because I did a big project and have not bothered to clean it up (that’s another issue entirely, sigh).

4. You’ll spend less time managing stuff.

And more time doing the things you love. Like projects that make your office messy again. Or reading. Or playing games together as a family.

5. You’ll stop focusing on stuff

When you start getting rid of the clutter, you will begin to loosen the hold it has on you. Your attachment to things will gradually lessen and you will feel free! I have always struggled a little bit with getting rid of things, but—even a year later—I am doing it easily. And, I am less likely to bring more stuff into my home after my big decluttering experience.

The kids are not there yet. They are still bringing things into the home that they never use and don’t love. They still have a bit of difficulty getting rid of it.

I’m hoping to help them each go through their clothes, their room, and all their piles during Thanksgiving break to at least start the Christmas season off right. I want them to feel the peace and breathing room that I have felt this year, too

How has decluttering made your home happier?

This post is part of my 31 Days to a Happier Home series. 

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