Earning points

Every summer I have great intentions of doing chore incentive programs that are more intensive than the ones we do during the school year. I have visions of happy children happily practicing their instruments before watching TV, joyfully doing their chores before going out to play, and most of all, never fighting or arguing or talking back.

While I know these are fairly unrealistic, I am determined to keep trying. This summer, I came up with a little program inspired and pieced together by several things I found online. We are doing a point system (you can click to make it bigger):

You can download a .pdf of this document HERE if it is helpful to you. 

I think it’s pretty straightforward, and today is the first day that we’re implementing it. The girls (ages 5 and 7 this summer) seem pretty excited about the rewards, and of course are quite gung ho for today. We’ll see how long it lasts.

To keep track, we are using jars and pompoms. If they go into the negative, the pompom goes outside their jar so that I know when they earn points those actually go back into the bank. They can redeem their points at any time, as long as they have enough for what they are hoping to get.

Hilary gave me a website called Handipoints, that helps you keep track of points and gives other incentives for the kids. It is really cool, but I decided not to go that route because my kids need a visual reminder all the time. Also because my middle daughter isn’t into playing on the computer and because I am not likely to be very good at inputting the points. It is pretty cool, though, and if you think it might work for your family, you should check it out.

(2023 update: Handipoints no longer exists, and I have not found a good alternative)

Now, if I can just keep this going for the whole summer, life might be wonderful.

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That looks like a great system you have there! I like your list – how specific it is. I think I need to make one of those lists/jars for myself! Where I have to earn points to spend on computer time or craft time. . .it might help!!


I like your new logo and where it is.
Good Job on all you are trying to accomplish!


Awh… I love pom-poms…. I want to take a nap in them. 🙂


I LOVE this idea. I just read it and DH walked in and I told him about it. I think we will do this after we move in 10 days. Things are crazy right now with packing.I love the jar idea as well. THANKS~~

Jake and Stephanie Perrin

Looks like a great idea! Let me know how it works k?? I need to start something like this with Jonathan! Take care and miss ya


Good luck! You will have to let us know how it goes. That’s all I can say because I definitely would not want to be the one keeping up with all that!

Kerry McKibbins

Love this idea!


CUTE! I did something like this at one point, but the clutter of the jars made me crazy. Am I insane?


We are doing the same thing with nickels. It is really WORKING! I am so happy about that. Good Luck.