Establishing a house of order

I thought long and hard about what my theme for 2009 should be. I mentioned before that the thought had crossed my mind to choose a scripture, so most of my thinking was turned toward my favorite verses and the things I hope to accomplish this year.

I have ADHD and I struggle with organization. That’s really my New Year’s Resolution practically every year. I feel like as I have gotten older (and perhaps wiser) that I have really made some good steps forward in this category. I have felt like it wasn’t such a huge battle anymore and that my house was at least somewhat orderly if I kept on top of things.

And then 2008 happened.

It was the year that I was supposed to simplify my life. In some ways I really did. I got rid of a lot of clutter. I streamlined my schedule as much as I possibly could. I stopped using credit cards and began to really work to pay down our debt from Joel’s advanced degrees.

Yet, in other ways, 2008 has been more chaotic than almost any other year I can remember in my life. Sometimes I felt it was all I could do to keep my head above water, much less try to take care of three daughters and a husband. The last four months especially have been rather trying for me in the organization/simplification department.

So, the scripture I chose is Doctrine & Covenants 88: 119 (also found in 109:8):

“Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.”

I like that it not only highlights my organization troubles, but it also encourages other areas of my life that definitely need work. Preparedness is something I really want to get in order this year. I have done fairly well on food storage lately, but I want to truly have a year’s supply at the end of 2009. My prayers could definitely use more fervor and sincerity. I can fast with more dedication and purpose. I always need to have more hope and faith in my circumstances. I’d like to study more as far as my career goes, and of course the gospel. I want to feel glorious (who doesn’t?). Then there’s that order thing that I so struggle with. Finally, I really want my home to be one where the Lord’s Spirit can truly dwell.

I have decided to focus on one aspect at a time, and perhaps go back to the ones that I need to work on the most (organization).

We’ll see how it all works out, but hopefully at the end of it all, my house (and life) will be in order.

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FlipFlop Mom

Does that scripture come from the book of Mormon? I’ve never seen it before.. but I LOVE it!!

How do you prepare for your food storage? Have you blogged about this before? If not.. are you willing to share!!!

I’ll be praying for you goal!! I think it’s an awesome one!!

3 Bay B Chicks

I think your stepwise approach to the new year will definitely lead to the results you are hoping for. One of the things that I love about January is that is a time for reflection about not only our daily life, but also about who we are as individuals. A time of self-reflection when we can evaluate where we want to go.

It seems like you period of reflection is off to a smashing start. I wish you all the best in the new year!



That is a wonderful scripture to go by. It really does cover so many things. Good luck with the process!

Kristina P.

I think that this is a great scripture to choose. I’ve been reflecting on things I want to be better with, this morning, and that scripture provides a great guidline.

Kim Skinner

that’s so funny – that is the scripture that i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. i guess we all have the same challenges. good luck!

Heather of the EO

I have ADD too. Makes for a tricky life. Organization is really hard for a person that has trouble focusing on one thing at a time, huh? It’s so good that you’ve found a way to work on it. I find that when I’m organized, I feel less clutter in my head too. Obvious, but so true 🙂


This is one of my favorite scriptures. Good luck in your endeavors this year!

And cute new header, by the way.


Definitely a great scripture to go by. Good luck with all of your goals. It is so nice to have the beginning of the year where we try a little harder to focus on being better.


What a great goal you have set, when you write them down as youn have you are more likely to accomplish them. You have been great at that. Instead of the ADD label, now it will be the Organized woman label!!


I love it- I love that you applied a scripture to your goal- I have the same goal too 🙂 I started already-but a big process. Thanks for sharing!

Annette Lyon

I had no inkling you were ADD. It tends to run in my family, alas–I’ve got it too, and so does my son. SO FUN. Good luck with the order thing. That’s an area I’m focusing on this year tool.


Great goals. You are such an example to me!


Love it and I am going to make a real House of Order out of my own house this year too ! Thanks for the inspiration LOL !!!


Love it! Good luck and thanks for sharing. I could definitely look to this scripture for help as well…


Terrific scripture to use as a new year’s theme! I feel so much more relaxed and happy when I have order and peace around me.

I have decided to go with a less tangible goal for the new year and I am very curious to see how it works out.


Your musical and photography finesse have always made me feel blessed I know you. I get a lot from your thoughts and what you’re able to accomplish. I love the scripture you chose, I’m definitely in need of that reminder.

Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your goals, I know you can do it!


We just read that same scripture tonight for family home evening. Good luck to both of us in the organization battle!


I love that scripture! It is our Enrichment theme for the month.☺


That is a beautiful scripture. If our all houses were like that, could you imagine our world?

So great to see you guys! Only wish it was more often.


What a perfect scripture for the new year! I hope you find the strength to make some of the changes you desire.


Holy CRAP you get a lot of comments.
You should read my entry from this AM — it kind of touched on this, and kind of breaking it all into small goals to work on.
BTW, sewing halloween costumes doesn’t really support that scripture. 🙂


I admire your goals. I admire your talents. I admire you. I admire your new blog template.


something about you I really like!

feel free to visit my organization blog! hope it helps you with your goals!!!