February! And a Special Delivery.

So, thanks to Pinterest, I found eleventy billion cute little valentine ideas. And I wanted to make all of them.  Which, naturally, would require picking myself up by the bootstraps and leaving my January blahs behind.

As it was, aside from a bit of shopping for the projects, I didn’t actually pick myself up by any kind of straps until last night. And I made those adorable little mailboxes up there (yes, yet another idea from Pinterest). Starting today, the girls will get a special delivery in their mailboxes up until Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if I’ll do this every year, but it seemed like a fun way to do a bunch of the projects I found and have something for the girls to look forward to each day.

I found the little mailboxes in the dollar spot when we were down at Target a few weeks ago, but you can purchase them on Amazon by clicking here: Red mailbox, White mailbox, Pink mailbox. The candlesticks were purchased at a local thriftstore and spray painted black yesterday, and I just cut the letters out of some old paper scraps and slapped them on.  And they are a big hit around here, let me tell you.

Tonight at dinner the girls got to open their first mail delivery.  You’d have thought it was Christmas by all the excitement!

Knock my socks off
And they were right to be so excited, because it was socks! Socks with hearts and pink and cuteness! Totally not an idea from Pinterest, but I usually do buy them new socks for every holiday.  At least the holidays for which they make socks—have you ever seen Labor Day socks?  ‘Cause I’d totally buy them.

Tomorrow they are not getting anything very cool, just a box of heart-shaped Junior Mints. Although, I suppose the heart shapiness of them is sort of awesome.

Except I will not be partaking, because it’s February now, and I decided it’s high time I got healthy.  You know, because I’m picking myself up by those darn bootstraps and all.

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Eleven Billion – Love it and totally true!! Hee Hee


Super cute- I looked in my dollar bin at target and they didn't have any of these. I try to find reasons to like it here but then something like this happens!


What would one put on Labor Day socks…?
The mailboxes are very cute:)


You make me want to be a better, more creative mother. Or at least you make me wish I was, which isn't quite the same thing, but that's okay. 🙂

I feel disoriented when I see Polish ads at the bottom of your post. 🙂


You are so awesome! Love it!


Okay, that is REALLY cute!


Swoon! I. Absolutely. LOVE. These. Holy crow, these are completely adorable, and it only took me about 3 nanoseconds to covet them. For me. Myself. Even when I remembered, "I'm a grown-up. I have my OWN mailbox, and mail delivered there every day," I still wanted to have one of these in the hall, just outside the bedroom. Sigh. Cuteness is essential to beating the winter blahs!


That is so super cute! I almost hate you! lol 😉