Holy Week Free Easter Printables

Follow the Biblical events of Easter week with your family using these free Holy Week printables

Creative ways to teach the resurrection

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I don’t really know the Biblical events leading up to Easter that well. I know the basics—The triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, and the resurrection. However, I am not always sure of the details and I really want to understand everything that leads up to Easter Sunday much better than I do.

I want my family to understand them, too.

So I came up with these printables that outline each day of Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday. My plan is to gather my family before bed each day and read the scriptures that correspond to that day from the Bible and discuss them together.

I am super excited to do this activity with my family this Easter! I already learned so much more about Holy Week just by making them—for instance, what on earth Maundy Thursday means and why it is called that! (I’ll explain it below if you’re curious.)

Holy Week Free Easter Printable activity for families

We will then hang that day’s printable up on the wall until we have finished then all and have them all on the wall. I just used a string and some cute clothespins that I had on hand, but you could do it any way that works for you!

I printed mine out on white card stock paper and then laminated them. I want them to be durable so they can be used again every Easter.

Palm Sunday: Jesus' Triumphal Entry free printable

Supplies needed:

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White card stock paper or photo paper

Paper trimmer

Thermal laminating pouches (5 mil)

Laminating machine

Color printer (or have them printed at a print shop)

Baker’s twine

Small clothespins


1. Download the printable by entering your email address in the form found at the bottom of this post.

2. Print the files (4 pages) onto either white card stock or photo paper.

3. Use a paper trimmer to cut out each printable.

4. Place in thermal laminating pouches and run through laminator. I put two in each pouch, using four pouches, total.

5. Tape or tack a length of baker’s twine to the wall.

6. Using a clothespin, pin each printable up as you learn about that day of the Holy Week.

7. Learn more about the events leading up to Easter with your family!

Maundy Thursday: Last Supper & Gethsemane (free printable)

A word about Maundy Thursday

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I hadn’t heard it called Maundy Thursday too much. However, it is used by much of the Christian world. I researched what it meant, and I am looking forward to teaching my kids what it means as well.

Maundy comes from the Latin “mandatum” which means “commadment.” It refers to the new commandment Jesus gave his disciples on that day—”A new commandment I give you, that ye love one another; as I loved you, that ye love one another.” (John 13:34)

I got my information from this blog, which is an incredible resource of Gospel knowledge: LDS Seasonal Materials

Holy Week free Easter printables—Follow the events of Easter week with your family by using these free printables. If you are looking for creative ways to teach the resurrection to your kids, these printables will help them better understand the Easter story.

I hope you and your family enjoy this Easter week activity! Don’t forget to download your printable by entering your email address into the form at the bottom of the post.

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I LOVE this post. Thank you so much for all the time, energy and love that went into making these printables. I teach early morning seminary and am excited to be in person for Holy Week this year. Thank you for introducing me to what Maundy Thursday means. I usually label it as Last Supper Thursday.

Have you seen The Holy Week for LDS families at Deseret book? It is my favorite and it has beautiful artwork.

The half sheets look like amazing quality. Do you think they would print clearly to an 8.5 x 11, so they can be larger for my class to see?

Heather Meads

Is there a Pale Pink, Pale Yellow, Powder Blue, and pale green set of these?