Shakespearean greenshow

Unless a small miracle occurs (and I still believe it could happen), it seems that we are staying in Cedar another year. In the spirit of having a better attitude about this, I decided we should get out of the house and enjoy the great town we live in.

Because Cedar City as a place is actually quite lovely. It’s Cedar City the situation that I have had issues with. If we could just get a Target and a Costco, and my husband could get a substantial raise so I wouldn’t have to work so much, it would be perfection.

One of the fun things about Cedar is all the festivals. We have a ton of ’em, since its nickname is Festival City, USA, after all. We have the Renaissance festival, the Groove Fest, the Family Fest, and a bunch more that I don’t really know about. The most famous of all, of course, is the Utah Shakespearean Festival. SUU has a lovely outdoor theatre built to look like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and all summer and fall we have excellent productions going on, Shakespeare and otherwise. In fact, my husband is playing trumpet in the pit for Fiddler on the Roof, which is part of the Festival.

Every night at 7:00 sharp, there is a greenshow outside the Adams theatre (or the Globe, if you want to call it that). Anyone can attend, and it is just really nice and fun. So, this evening we decided to go, and we’ll probably go a few more times this summer.

I, of course, took pictures.

This is my favorite of the day. Actually, it is pretty much an all time favorite at this point. How adorable is this kid? You can just see the impishness of her in this photo, and I want to eat her for dinner.

This is the carillon tower at SUU. It was playing Greensleeves just before the greenshow started. I love carillon music, it reminds me of my own college days at BYU, even if the song isn’t “Come, Come Ye Saints.”

A couple shots of the actual greenshow. I’m pretty impressed at how high those boys can kick, aren’t you?

The Maypole dance.

My middle daughter being enthralled with the singing and dancing and spectacle of it all. She’s my musical theatre junkie.

My oldest was kind of in a sour mood for a lot of the show. She really wanted to buy some candy from one of the costumed vendors going around selling it (Cockney accents and all). But, she didn’t bring her money, and I am poor. So is Joel.

Waiting for the show to start.

Gasp! She does smile! Actually, I think she really enjoyed the show. And I do agree, those caramel things are to die for. Maybe next time. Aren’t her freckles cute?

And finally my baby again. Obviously she’s up to something. Like running away. That’s the problem with these outdoor shows.

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such cute faces! looks like all of you actually had fun, even without the candies!


TOO CUTE! Yes, adorable freckles & adorable angry look! Wonderful photos as always!!!!


Delicious photo of Ms. S.
Actually, I’ve been to the green show — and it was fun.
REally, you need to get out more. 🙂


I think I would enjoy living in festival city!

I love the very first picture of S. Beautiful blue eyed girl!

The picture of B was like looking into the past at ALL pictures of me. I seemed to hold a grudge on the world, and never smiled for the camera!

And little Miss C. Quite the artistic little girl! So something one of my children would do. Around here it’s normally on walls, or as I found out yesterday on mirrors.


I want to go! Those girls are beautiful! Glad you got out dear! We all need it.


Looks like a fun evening for all. Even Bria – after the candy disaster of course!


Those festivals make Cedar City so fun. Almost liveable? We’re still crossing our fingers for your move, though. Whereever it may be. (provo, provo)

That is the most beautiful picture of our Sophie ever-I agree!

Lyssa Beth

Thanks for your sweet comment. I love to find another scrapper on here too! Those are great ideas and also, I love your photos!
I laugh at the shakespearean festival because when I was little, we’d do road trips from Highland down to Cedar City. But those are really fun!


Your pictures turned out so good. It was great to see you at the green show. I always have to be reminded to enjoy what we have here.


I love the photos of your girls. They are all so beautiful! Looks like a fun place to live…


Darling as always.


I love the expression on Bria’s face in that 1st picture of her! So classic! If you ever get bored of all the festivals, come up for a visit:o) We’d love to see you again!

The Atomic Mom

I so feel you pain on small town living. We have Smiths and a gas station and 10 churches, that’s about it. The only thing that stays open after 8pm is McDonalds….eww!


YOur girls are so beautiful! Sophie is so cute!!

Looks like fun times in Cedar…now we really need to work on that Costco and Target! How do you live? Probably saves you a ton of money though!


That picture is GORGEOUS!!!

FlipFlop Mom

Oh your pictures are WONDERFUL!!! I LOVE THEM!!! and your town DOES look fun!!


Love the pics you took of the festival – and you’re right. That picture of Sophia is DELICIOUS!

Can I just say what a great mom you are? I love reading about all of your mommy adventures – it makes me want to be a better mom, too. Thanks!


I love those pics of the festival! What great shots!