Soare Cu Dinti

“Soare cu dinti” is a Romanian phrase that means “sun with teeth.”  They use it to describe one of those beautiful winter (or fall, or even spring) days where the sun is shining, the sky is blue, but you’ll still freeze to death if you go outside.

We had one of those toothy days yesterday, and I took full advantage and spent as much time outside as I possibly could.  I have been wanting to go across the bridge to the scenic overlook to take pictures for a while, but the weather has been too darn crummy to do it.  When the sun came out yesterday, I jumped at the chance and Sophia and I drove up there to look at our lovely little city and take a few photos.

This is where I live.  You can see the University there, which are the bigger buildings, and I live about three blocks away from there, up the hill into the trees.  I still can’t even tell you how enchanted I am to live so near the water.  I mean, I lived right up the hill from Utah Lake, but that wasn’t quite the same.  Sorry, Utah Lake.


Pretty beautiful when the sun is out.  I wish you could see the bridge from here, but all of the (lovely) trees are in the way.  I’ll have to get a good picture of it another day.

Beautiful day

I was thrilled to have a glimpse of my favorite October blue sky. There isn’t anything in the world quite like it. Too bad we’re back to a white sky today.

But at least it isn’t raining.  And hopefully it won’t start, because I’ve got a ton of leaves to rake and bulbs to plant.

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If you go further up Quincy Hill and take a road to the right called (I think) "Lower Pewabic"…or it may be "Upper Pewabic" (you'll pass a couple old train engines to the right on your way in) and follow it down and around the bend to the left and then park at the end where it curves toward the hill, you can walk in just a bit and be on top of the ski hill with a fabulous view of the bridge. You do live in a gorgeous place….I spent the first 22 years of my life there and miss it every day. I found your blog through Sharyn T's. 🙂