Tender Mercies

I love how ever since Elder Bednar gave that talk in General Conference, it’s just part of the vernacular.

I’m trying to do too many things at once.  I tend to do this in my life.  And then I become overwhelmed and go to bed.  Anyway, today I’m trying to finish painting my bathroom.  I did some on it yesterday, but it turned out I hated the color so I have to redo today.  On top of all other duties, plus I have my first Messiah rehearsal in front of the orchestra tonight.  Scary.  Especially since my husband has only taken over one of my practice sessions, so I’m not really sure what to expect.

Two tender mercies today.  First, my afternoon voice lesson called and cancelled.  I was thinking of calling her to reschedule, but decided I bring this all on myself.  So I was really thankful that she still cancelled in the end.  Second, my husband is home sick from work.  Not really merciful for him, but since our bathroom has vaulted ceilings, I needed him to help me with a few corners.  I told him it’s a good thing I’m tall, or I would have needed him a lot more!

Now I’m closer to being done on the bathroom. Just need to paint doors and trim now (biggest job, probably)and I have the entire afternoon to do it in!  No teaching in my paint clothes or anything.

I’m off to pick up my daughter from preschool, feed her lunch, and get back to work.

What tender mercies have you had in your life lately?

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Jenny P.

I love tender mercies… and I loved Elder Bednar's talk.

Let see… in my life? My two year old has been my tender mercy as of late. This pregnancy has been so much more draining, so much more exhausting than the others. And yet, this sweet, patient little boy has been the most delightful thing through it all. He has an easy going personality and a loving nature that makes what some might consider "terrible twos" absolutely delightful. The Lord I needed Henry when I got him. He's been perfect for the season of life I'm in right now.

Annette Lyon

My sweet kids have been my tender mercies lately. They've come over at random times just for a hug. Sometimes out of the blue they start rubbing my shoulders, knowing I probably have a headache (I do). It's little stuff, but it makes me feel loved. They're awesome.


One of my instructors canceled a project for the class, so I don't have to drive to Beaver next Monday, and the same teacher decided that the class could use notes on the test yesterday, so I feel really good about how I did on it. My mom is coming out to stay for the week before Thanksgiving and will be here on Friday 🙂


The little things. I seem to forget about those when trying to 'fix' everything else, knowing full well that I am not the one in control. Thank you for the reminder.


So true about the phrase. Common Mormon lingo-love it.

What color did you hate? What color did you go with?

My nausea has been lifting lately at different times of the day. That IS a tender mercy for sure.

The Atomic Mom

Last week James was very fussy and I ended up having to hold him most of the day. Everytime I put him down he'd cry — pittiful, whiney crying too. I kept wondering what I was going to do for dinner. The clock kept ticking on, and it was getting later and later. Still no ideas and it was 5pm. Anyway, my friend came by with my pampered chef order and a container of soup. She said, she just felt like we needed some soup. We'll we did. I'm very thankful for her listening to the spirit, and that my thoughts were answered.


You're right, that one talk has really brought this idea to everyone's minds. That the church as a body is thinking this way is a tender mercy all by itself.

I'm seeing the fact that my health issues simmered down enough for me to meet all of my obligations, and that my surgery is scheduled for a day where I wouldn't have to cancel classes or lessons, is a huge tender mercy.

And my 19-year old college daughter will be home that weekend, so I have an extra driver and house manager while I'm recuperating.


Tender mercies…i have had plenty … everyday simple tender mercies that help me make it thru the day…the hugs of my 7yr old that never misses a day..the kiss of my little chocolate bunny 3yr old and the the thoughtfulness of taking charge of my 10yr old when chores are needed to get done and the the at the end of the day i can always count on my 14yr old to tell me he appreciates what i do and gives me a hug.. =)


I have been surrounded by tender mercies lately, and I've wanted to post on them. Maybe I will. But I'll share this one. On my kids' first day of school, I was terrified for them to have to eat lunch alone. That was my biggest biggest worry. That day, it turned out that my youngest had a neighbor girl in her class, one of the only ones she'd played with, and my oldest two came home having had lunch with kind kids who had welcomed them and invited them to eat lunch with them. Later that week it turned out that these kind kids (one at the junior high, one at the elementary) were brother and sister. Coincidence? No, tender mercy. Plus, I'd like to meet that mother. She has raised her kids right.


Last week I felt compelled to clean up the public parts of the house. Since I rarely clean unless I am expecting company, this was odd. Later that afternoon, someone came by unexpectedly. That is also very rare, however, this very same tender mercy has happened to me enough times that I know it is divine intervention (and SO appreciated!)


I understand what you are saying about calling to reschedule. Do you still charge the same whether they show up or not? I do, but always feel of tinge of guilt, but in the end it's really them that cancelled which causes that space to be open when somebody else could have filled it, right? Good luck with everything 🙂


There are just a million ones that come all the time. My sister-in-law bought me pink lady apples. Considering that those are my favorite kind and I eat at least two apples a day-that was a big deal for me:)


I think the absolute most important thing is to notice the tiny things God does in our lives to make them a bit easier. I know that I don't think I get enough thanks for the little things I do. 🙂

L.T. Elliot

My tender mercies of late have been my children spontaneously calling out, "Love you, mom!" and my husband refusing to let me cry alone–holding me until I felt better. My cup runneth over…

Kristina P.

Is it wrong to say I hate that term? I look for blessings, but tender mercies sounds like it should be on a Hallmark statue.

The big blessing we've had is my husband getting a new job. Yay!


You know, it's funny. I'm not a religious person by any stretch, but the term "tender mercies" is right on, for anybody. I think you and I are kindred spirits in the whole "overstuffed" business, so I can certainly relate. My tender mercies lately? When people realize I'm so busy that a phone call will stress me out, so they go past email and send me a snail mail card instead! That just makes my day, and makes me realize that an interruption is well worth it when it comes in the form of a friend. So I drop what I'm doing and give them a call anyway.

Sending you best wishes!


Here is a concept I learned just from this sentence directed to me,
"He will continue to send you tender mercies……" And then a wonderful thought came to me………..Deni, expect tender mercies, He won't let you down!

Melanie Jacobson

When I told my husband that I had a headached and didn't think I could manage more than grits and eggs for dinner, he said that sounded good to him. It's small but I'll take it!

Visible Voice

OK so this may sound like a strange tender mercy but I feel like a new woman today because I've gained a little independence back. I don't know if I've told you where I live but you can't really get groceries here…at least not good and affordable ones. (only one store in the whole community and food has to be flown in) We've been paying a ton of money to get food and when we get it shipped we have to rely on friends to do it and then it was SUPER expensive. But today I received my first food order, that was WAY cheaper, that I can just order online and pay someone that I don't know (a very reasonable price) to shop for me……and have good, healthy food for my family. I know it's so silly but it feels so good to be able to do that! I feel like Heavenly Father has really answered a plea for me to have this come into my life for this last year that I live here. I know…it's a bit strange. But so so happy!


Love the talk, love the phrase.

I am overwhelmed with them. Today alone? A cold day with a warm sunshine and an energetic toddler. Chasing our shadows down the sidewalk. Bliss.


It's the tender mercies that give me the most hope. 🙂


This sweet post. No school tomorrow. Able to sleep in and have a pajama day in the middle of the miraculous week. Children who still love me despite me being a time hog & pest. And cold enough weather to wear all the coats-sweaters-scarves-boots we've invested $$ in year after year.


It is true, tender mercies are only mentioned a few times in the scriptures, yet now it really is a part of our every day speech.

What a blessing for you to have the time you needed! And kudos to you for getting your bathroom painted!

I decided I am taking today off. I am going to not worry about cooking or cleaning and just take it easy. the fact that my mind is letting me do this is in and of itself a tender mercy. Normally I stress too much about the little things, but I am okay with it today. What a glorious tender mercy!


My tender mercy was a pair of sisters at last night's Relief Society meeting who could tell I was on the verge of losing it and sucked me into the fun anyway. And I got hugs.

Small House

Tender Mercies everywhere!! It's amazing how watched and cared for we are, when we actually take a minute to appreciate it!


You are so motivated! I'm impressed.

Tender mercies – getting to sleep lots because that's the only time I don't feel sick. I'm having one of those days where this is the only one I can come up with, even though I know I'm blessed. I'll have to think a little harder…


Hey Lara,

It really is a small world. (I know–that post happened a while ago.) Cary is putting in his job applications right now. I was looking over his should as he read one of the schools' websites. He told me where the school was, and I said "I think Joel and Lara live somewhere around there." I checked back on your blog, and found that it is the very same school!

He is putting in a bunch of applications, and we really have no idea where we'll end up, but it was still pretty cool.

I guess that there's a small chance that our girls really will be friends with Sophia, but not until next fall.


*shoulder — oops!


This will be vague, but hope it makes sense. I have been really frustrated about something in my calling. Finally, I came to terms with my failed attempts and "let it go," and then the Lord showed me he could make it happen anyway in ways I least expected. It was a miracle, and evidence that God was totally aware.


My sweet new baby slept for 5 hours last night. In a row. I feel great. And my wonderful friend came over this morning and kidnapped my other three. So right now, my house is quiet and I am all alone in it with Miscellany and we have all day.

Tender mercies, indeed.