Tender Mercies

I love how ever since Elder Bednar gave that talk in General Conference, it’s just part of the vernacular.

I’m trying to do too many things at once.  I tend to do this in my life.  And then I become overwhelmed and go to bed.  Anyway, today I’m trying to finish painting my bathroom.  I did some on it yesterday, but it turned out I hated the color so I have to redo today.  On top of all other duties, plus I have my first Messiah rehearsal in front of the orchestra tonight.  Scary.  Especially since the Maestro has only taken over one of my practice sessions, so I’m not really sure what to expect.

Two tender mercies today.  First, my afternoon voice lesson called and cancelled.  I was thinking of calling her to reschedule, but decided I bring this all on myself.  So I was really thankful that she still cancelled in the end.  Second, Joel is home sick from work.  Not really merciful for him, but since our bathroom has vaulted ceilings, I needed him to help me with a few corners.  I told him it’s a good thing I’m tall, or I would have needed him a lot more!

Now I’m closer to being done on the bathroom.  Just need to paint doors and trim now (biggest job, probably)and I have the entire afternoon to do it in!  No teaching in my paint clothes or anything.

I’m off to pick up Sophia from preschool, feed her lunch, and get back to work.

What tender mercies have you had in your life lately?

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I, too, am so grateful for the use of this phrase. It is helping us become more aware of these frequent blessings from our Heavenly Father. That is a good thing! Thanks for sharing!!!!