Thursday, October 12, 2017

Help Busy Teens Get the Homework Help They Need

Busy high school and middle school students need a different way to be tutored. The Yup tutoring app provides the support teens in the digital age need.

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High school can be stressful—these kids are often working, involved in sports and other extracurriculars, and are also expected to keep up with difficult college preparatory classes.

This is what my oldest daughter is feeling right now. She is a senior in high school this year and is taking an AP English class and two classes at the local university on top of her other required classes. She is also running cross country, singing in the school musical, and playing violin in the university orchestra.

The girl barely has time to clean her room or say boo to me at night!

On top of all that she is trying to complete an online algebra 2 class. She is struggling with this class right now, but she doesn't have time for a tutor (and barely has time to work on the class). I've offered to get a tutor for her many times, but trying to arrange her schedule for regular tutoring has been more difficult than I anticipated. I had to give up.

If your teen is struggling with math or science and the tutoring hours are too restrictive or too expensive, try Yup—a tutoring app designed to help teens get the homework help they need immediately.

Enter Yup online tutoring.

Not only are high school kids busy, they live in a digital age. Yup is a tutoring app that can tutor kids on their schedule and in their language.

My daughter was a little anxious about using it at first because she thought she might have to FaceTime a perfect stranger. But when she found out it was all done via texting, she relaxed and was willing to try it.

Yup tutoring app review

To start a tutoring session, the student simply has to take a photo of the problem and the app will quickly match them up with a tutor. It was past 10:30 pm when she started her first tutoring session and a tutor was available within 30 seconds for her. Other tutoring sessions she's done have been at more normal hours, but it's nice to know that you have 24/7 access to Yup's elite tutors if the only time you have to work on math is midnight after a cross country meet and a play rehearsal!

The student will have the opportunity to rate their tutor at the end of the session. If they really liked that particular tutor, the app will try to match them up in future sessions, if possible.

Yup tutoring app review

As a parent, I love how the Yup tutors are excellent at helping Bria find the right solution without giving her the answers immediately. Because of their help, she was able to solve other similar problems without help even though she had been completely stuck before her tutoring sessions.

My daughter mostly just liked knowing that help is immediately available when she gets stuck on her math homework. She also wishes she would have had access to Yup last year when she was taking chemistry and could have used a lot of help.

Yup is made especially for students ages 13-18 and focuses specifically on math, chemistry, and physics. We have been really impressed with our experience so far and I highly recommend this app if you have a busy teen in your home who could use some math or science support.

Want to try Yup for FREE?

My readers will be given 30 minutes of free tutoring! Download the Yup tutoring app and enter the code LEARNINGS—no credit card required—to get your free trial. See if this is a good fit for you and your kids!

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