6 Ways to Help Kids Beat Seasonal Allergies

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My youngest daughter had to miss her first two field days at the elementary school due to her severe seasonal allergies. It was the saddest thing ever. Field Day is the most anticipated day for a first-grader, especially when you are as active as she is. I hated seeing her so upset, but we just weren’t finding anything to make it easier for her to be outside without also feeling miserable.

Thankfully, she was able to attend field days eventually, but only because we took steps to help alleviate her allergies. Because, like clockwork, the allergies show up right around the same time field day is scheduled. While I can’t change the pollen counts (oh how I wish I could!), I can still do something about my daughter’s indoor environment and her overall experience with allergies. I was actually really surprised about how much doing these things actually helps!

Allergy season tips for kids

6 Ways to Help Kids Beat Seasonal Allergies

 Wash clothing immediately

I thought it seemed silly at first, but it is so important to make your allergic child strip down after being outside. I have her put on clean clothes and put the ones she had on while playing outside immediately into the wash. It’s amazing how much pollen they can pick up just walking home from the bus stop or playing in the yard for a while, and the less they are exposed to it the more comfortable they will be allergy-wise.

Shower often

I know, I know. Sometimes getting a 9-year-old kid to shower once a week can be torturous! But during allergy season, showering daily (preferably as soon as they come in from outside) is a necessity. The pollen sticks in their hair and on their skin. Help them to learn how to thoroughly wash themselves. 

If my daughter isn’t careful—like that time she decided to play with the pretty weeds she is allergic to —the allergens can affect her nose and eyes. I didn’t know she had actually been making weed bouquets until it was too late. If I would have had her shower immediately, there is a chance that she would not have had an allergic reaction.

Wash bedding often

I’m going to sound like a broken record now, but wash that bedding. It will pick up allergens that will exacerbate symptoms, even if it doesn’t necessarily pick up pollen. However, if you happen to have windows open (try not to!), pollen will find its way into your home and onto the bedding. I have a couple sets of bedding to make this chore easier for me during allergy season, and I rotate it every few days.

Leave shoes off inside the house

Not only do shoes track in dirt and mud, they will track in pollens and other outdoor allergens. Leave them at the door. That means everyone in the house, not just the allergic child.

Vacuum daily

I don’t love vacuuming, but it’s essential when you have allergy sufferers in the house. Even more essential is that your vacuum has a good HEPA filter so that all pollens and other allergens are effectively trapped. Dusting often is also really important for the same reasons.

The best thing we ever did to solve the vacuuming issue was to purchase a robot vacuum. It felt like a huge splurge at the time, but it has been so worth it. We chose this one: iRobot Roomba 694, not the most expensive and not the least expensive. It goes off every morning and vacuums for over an hour—time I could never commit to vacuuming. It does a great job of cleaning up pet hair and other allergens.

Talk to your doctor about medications

Obviously, it’s important to speak with a medical professional when your child is suffering from allergies to the point of not being able to even participate in fun activities like field day! We tried a lot of things, but my doctor finally had us use Children’s FLONASE® Allergy relief for kids ages 4+ nasal spray. It works to block 6 allergic substances, instead of just one.*

*Mechanism vs. most OTC allergy pills. Flonase acts on multiple inflammatory substances (histamine, prostaglandins, cytokines, tryptases, chemokines and leukotrienes). The exact number and precise mechanism are unknown.

My daughter uses Children’s FLONASE® Allergy Relief during the spring allergy season and it helps her to be greater than her allergies and be able to spend more time outdoors. I have been impressed with how much it helps her. It helps with both her nasal congestion and itchy eyes. It’s the only OTC nasal spray indicated to relieve both nasal congestion and itchy water eyes.

Field day is now an option!

Join us outdoors this allergy season!

2023 Update: My daughter is now 16 and still uses a Flonase nasal spray during allergy season when she needs it. When she was in middle school we began doing allergy shots with an allergist. Those shots definitely helped—she did them weekly for about two years, and we were forced to stop during the pandemic. She has not gone back and still has reduced suffering, but will use Flonase and other allergy medications as needed.

How do you keep allergies away?

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