A Veggie Swap Your Kids Will Love

Sometimes you have to be a sneaky mom.

Especially if you want your kids to eat vegetables.

Green Giant Veggie Tots

While I have been blessed with children who are not very picky eaters, they would much rather eat tater tots and chicken nuggets than they would a big bowl of cauliflower. And that’s pretty normal for most kids—not just the picky ones!

But what if those tater tots that they willingly eat were filled with actual vegetables? Would they still eat them and love them? We’ve recently had a chance to find out.

Enter Green Giant’s new line of Veggie Tots.

Green Giant veggie tots--a great way to get vegetables into your picky kids!

We got to try the Broccoli Veggie Tots a little while ago, and now they’ve introduced two new flavors: Corn and Sweet Potato & Cauliflower.

When we first tried these, I thought that maybe they were just like tater tots, except somehow made with the ground up vegetables. That is not the case. These actually have chunks of vegetables within the tot—we were surprised at first but they seriously taste SO good.

See the cauliflower chunk in the Sweet Potato & Cauliflower veggie tots? If you look closely, you’ll also be able to see bits of the sweet potato as well.

Green Giant Veggie Tots review: Sweet potato and cauliflower flavor

Below you can also see a bowl of the corn veggie tots. You can easily see the corn kernels in them.

You may be worried about how super picky kids will react to the vegetable pieces, but once my girls tried them they were hooked. The taste is so good! The corn veggie tots are almost sweet because of the sweet corn that’s in them. The sweet potato & cauliflower are, funny enough, less sweet, but still really, really good.

Green Giant Veggie Tots review. Corn flavor

My girls loved these—and I feel really good about them eating these, too. It’s nice to have things like this on hand so you can make quick meals that your kids will actually eat that also have some nutritional value! I get so annoyed when my kids leave all the vegetables in the serving bowl or only eat one or two while they eat large helpings of everything else.

So, if you find yourself having to be the sneaky mom to get a few vegetables in your kids—I highly recommend that you try the Green Giant veggie tots! I highly recommend them even for less picky kids as a way to get a quick meal on the table that still contains vegetables.

Find out more and purchase veggie tots here: Green Giant Veggie Tots

Note: Veggie Tots are not gluten-free

Green Giant Veggie Tots Review

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