One Word 2014: Peace

One Word 2014: Peace

As many people do, I like to choose one word for each year instead of making a whole list of resolutions that I am unlikely to keep past January 23. After Christmas, as the year is coming to an end, my mind automatically turns to the things I would like to improve in my life…

Embracing change

When our ward split in November, the Stake President stood at the pulpit and quoted some quote about how nobody likes change (which is when I leaned over to Joel and asked him if that was so, then why exactly did so many people vote for Obama?) but that it was often good for us…


Last week for Family Home Evening we wanted to do a lesson about several things that have been problematic in our home the last few weeks. Namely, room cleanliness and fighting. Part of the problem in keeping their toys picked up, is that every time they go in to do it, they just sit there….