Cruise Port: Costa Maya, Mexico

Dolphins. And Swimming. Just Not Together.


After we returned with our oldest daughter from visiting the Mayan ruins, we ate lunch on the ship. We then picked up the other two kids from the kids’ club and headed back on shore.

The Costa Maya port was pretty boring right off the pier, but since that’s where they had the swimming with the dolphins (which was way too expensive, or we would have done it), we figured the girls would love to sit and watch them for a while.

Dolphin NoseJumpDolphinDolphin

And while they did rather enjoy the dolphins, they seemed quite a bit more intent upon gathering seashells from the “beach” we were on.

At the "Beach"ChloeShe Sees Sea Shells

After they were sufficiently bored of the dolphins, we headed over to the fun pool that was there right on the “beach.”  It was surrounded by bars, and so my brother called it the alcohol pool. Luckily, we only had about 45 minutes before all aboard, so it really wasn’t very crowded any more and we had it largely to ourselves.

The two younger girls had a lot of fun playing in the water, while we just sat in the warmth and enjoyed watching them.


There aren’t many pictures of my middle daughter because the youngest is a ham and upstaged her sister every chance she got. She is very aware of the camera and poses her little heart out. It’s cute, but it would be nice to have proof of my other children, too.

Camera hogWork it!

Oh! There’s the middle child!


My husband enjoying the sunshine.

The Man

Just in case you’re wondering where on earth our oldest daughter was, well, she was totally obsessed with finding seashells. She didn’t even dip her pinky toe into the pool, and I am doubting she even noticed its existence.

Seeing even more Shells

But she did find lots of pretty shells.

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Pitterle Postings

It looks like you all had a wonderful time!!


I'm kind of jealous of Sophia's swimsuit—do you think they have one in my size? 🙂


Great pictures!


Yeah, cute suits! And swimming with dolphins is just the kind of thing we never do when we're on vacation. Eating out is enough of a splurge for us and we do plenty of that while on vacation. 🙂


Sounds like a great time and such beautiful pictures!!!


this looks SOOOO fun! 🙂 I really can't imagine… I love dolphins, they make me cry (and I said that BEFORE Hootie and the Blowfish)


How dreamy it would be to swim with dolphins. Really. But I think I would be satisfied to see them in their natural habitat. And shells over swimming is an interesting choice. But to each her own. I am sure I did weird things like that when I was a kid, too. Oh what a wonderful time you had! I am so glad.


I'm totally loving the vacation stories and photos. Keep em coming:)


Oh, surrounded by bars. I thought you meant.. you know… bars.

Susan Anderson

Love these photos. And swimming with the dolphins would be quite the experience!

Your girls are darling.


L.T. Elliot

I can't believe your awesome pictures. That one of the dolphin flying through the air? Holy cow. Er…dolphin!

Chloe might be a camera-hog but she's so bloody darling I'm cool with it. 😉 All of the girls look beautiful. And do you have any idea of how great your legs are? Seriously, Lara!


This all looks fab right about now in the heart of gloomy winter.

I don't care how expensive swimming with dolphins is – I WILL DO IT ONE DAY! Shouting in all caps makes it true


Sometimes I'm so girly; I get all squealey and worked up every time I see horses and dolphins. Horses, dolphins, dolphins, horses. SO. GIRLY. So yeah, I totally get the appeal of swimming with dolphins, although I, too, would probably balk at the price. Thanks for providing such great photos through which to live vicariously!

Now, if you could swim with dolphins while riding a horse…or swim with horses while riding a dolphin…I'd shell out for that, anytime.