Five Printables to Make Summer Reading Fun

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I keep seeing some really great ideas for summer reading, so I wanted to share some of the best ones I found with you. I’ve linked up the original sources under each photo; if you want to pin something, please pin it from the original blog source. Enjoy!

Reading Bingo

Sometimes all it takes is a fun game to get kids excited about reading. I absolutely love this printable Bingo game idea. Get your child to read in all sorts of situations so she can earn a BINGO and win a special reading prize. My favorite square? Read with the TV off. It’s nice to know that maybe my kids aren’t the only one who read with one eye on the television.

Summer Reading Bingo from How Does She?

Book Report Form

I really enjoy writing summaries and giving star ratings to the books I read over at Goodreads. So why wouldn’t my kids enjoy doing the same? I think it’s fun that this little Book Report printable has the star rating and a place to say whether or not you’d recommend it to a friend. It also has a spot for drawing a picture of your favorite part of the book, which my kids love to do.

Book Report Printable from Teaching in the Sunshine

Reading Chain

We’ve all made countdown chains to help us get excited about big events, but what about a book reading chain? I thought this was a super fun way to keep track of how many books your child has read–instead of tearing a link off, you add one for every book they finish. You could also start with a goal of how many books they’ll read in the summer and tear them off as they complete their reading. Either way–FUN!

Summer Reading Chain from Eighteen25

Vocabulary Bookmark

I always tell my girls to keep track of new vocabulary they learn by writing it down in their reading journals. Annette at This Simple Home also encourages her children to write down new and interesting words as they are reading, and has made bookmarks for them to keep track of their new vocab. I thought this was a brilliant idea, because a bookmark is more likely to be with the book than a journal is!

Vocabulary Bookmark from This Simple Home

Summer Reading Journal

Finally, this printable from my own blog is something my girls have really been enjoying this summer. It’s a nice, easy way to remember which points to include in a book synopsis. I have them write a page or so about each book they read in their summer reading journals. It helps them to begin to think critically about a book and its plot and to take more notice of these things as they are reading.

Summer Reading Journal Printable from Overstuffed

How do you make summer reading fun for your kids?

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The reading Bingo looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa McLemore

These are all such great ideas!


There are some great ideas here . We are using the journaling method right now and it seems to be working at the moment but, I am well aware that she will soon tire of it also. Love these.

niki meiners

These are great for the kids. Thanks for sharing


These are all great options to encourage reading. Thanks for sharing the vocabulary bookmark. 🙂


Are your journals custom made or do you print the custom covers yourself?