Free Printable Christmas Activity Placemat for Kids

These free printable Christmas placemats are a great way to make the kid’s table more fun at Christmas dinner this holiday season!

Print out these fun placemats for the kids at your next Christmas party, for Christmas breakfast, or any other holiday dinner you plan to host. Provide a bucket of crayons, washable markers, or colored pencils at the dinner table and let the younger kids enjoy some creativity while they wait for the food to be ready. It also makes for cute decor at each place setting for the kids!

Fun Printable Christmas Placemats

How to download your own Christmas activity placemats

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What’s on these cute printable Christmas placemats?

Kids of all ages will have lots of fun with these Christmas activities:

  • Christmas word search
  • Christmas word scramble
  • “Help the elf find the gift” maze
  • Decorate the Christmas sweater
  • A coloring activity of a truck carrying a Christmas tree

Our family’s favorite Christmas morning breakfast: Pannukakku

How to use your printable placemats

1. Download the pdf files from your email.

2. Print out the Christmas placemat on to regular sized (8.5×11) white cardstock paper. This does make for smaller placemats, but it is much easier for you to print them out at home rather than having to go to your local office supply store to do them on legal size paper.

3. Set your holiday table using the activity placemats.

Ideas for setting the kids’ Christmas table

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Bring the Christmas spirit to the table with these fun ideas:

**Free Christmas placemat printables are for personal use only**

Merry Christmas!

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