Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Use these free printable Christmas treasure hunt clues for a super fun way to find Christmas gifts! Have a scavenger hunt on Christmas morning, or organize a holiday party featuring the clue cards.

When my girls were a lot younger, we were going on a cruise shortly after Christmas and they needed luggage of their own. It was way too big too wrap and put under the tree, and it wasn’t from Santa Claus who typically leaves gifts out unwrapped on Christmas morning. I could have made some Christmas bags to wrap them with, but instead I decided to have a Christmas scavenger hunt instead.

I came up with scavenger hunt clues that led the kids all over the house until they finally found their new luggage in the shower. They had so much fun finding their treasure that it quickly became a favorite family christmas tradition.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable

I usually just make up random clues off the top of my head on Christmas Eve, but this year I decided to actually make a printable Christmas scavenger hunt that I could share with you.

The free printables come with Christmas scavenger hunt riddles that are easy enough for young children to solve with the help of older siblings or other family members.

The treasure hunt printable also includes foldable envelopes for the clues, blank clue cards if you want to make up your own riddles, an answer key, and fun ideas for your Christmas treasure.

You can download the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable by putting your email address into the form below. The printable will be sent directly to your inbox.

Gift Ideas for Your Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t use your Christmas Scavenger Hunt to find gifts on Christmas morning, you can use it for fun Christmas parties instead. Here are some ideas for the “treasure” at the end! (Affiliate links)

A basket filled with an assortment of festive sweets, chocolates, and cookies.

A holiday-themed blanket, popcorn, hot chocolate mix, and a classic Christmas movie.

A set of beautiful holiday ornaments for the tree.

Warm, fuzzy socks with holiday patterns or designs.

Gift cards to popular stores, coffee shops, or online retailers.

Scented candles in holiday scents like cinnamon, pine, or gingerbread.

A fun holiday-themed board game or puzzle for family entertainment.

Include gourmet hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and a cute mug.

Festive notepads, pens, and other stationery items.

Bath salts, cozy bathrobe, and scented candles for a relaxing winter bath.

Festive spatulas, cookie cutters, or other holiday-themed kitchen tools.

A quirky or funny holiday-themed sweater.

Sugar cookies, icing, and various toppings for a fun cookie decorating activity.

A gift card to a local movie theater.

A stylish scarf and hat to keep warm during the winter season.

A frame for a memorable holiday photo from the scavenger hunt.

Most of all, enjoy the fun memories that are made with your Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

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