Give the Gift of Art this Valentine’s Day

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I completely redecorated my bedroom to surprise my husband recently. In the process, I took all the photos out of the room that were of the kids because I decided that I wanted our bedroom to be a place that celebrated us. We have a million photos of the kids all over the house (I decorate with a lot of family photos–because I love my family so dang much!), and I thought we should make sure that our bedroom remained a place that was about our relationship.

The photos that were left in my bedroom were some wedding and engagement photos and that’s it. My husband and I don’t get a lot of photos done of just us, apparently! So I was left with this big, blank wall that I have been wanting to put some nice pictures on but haven’t got around to doing it.

Until now!

I learned that minted has a beautiful selection of art gifts (click on the “art” tab) that can be personalized in many different ways. I thought it would be beautiful to get a few of these for my husband for Valentine’s Day, and then we can finally fill up that empty space on our bedroom wall!

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There were so many beautiful choices!

I thought about getting a triptych of the three states that we have lived in together. The maps are made of gold pressed foil and are just gorgeous! Wouldn’t that have been lovely in our bedroom?

Utah Foil Map
Michigan Foil Map
Arizona Foil Map

Then I thought about getting a framed quote or two. There are some really cool ones available.

His and Mine by Rachael Miller

Ultimately, though, I decided I wanted to stick with my original idea of celebrating our relationship with actual photos of us. So I went with some designs that took our photos and turned them into some lovely art.

Love Line by Kelly Ventura 
Watercolor Heart by Smudge Design
Brushed by Erin Deegan

I am so excited for these pieces to arrive so I can finally fill the blank space on my bedroom wall and enjoy these lovely art prints!

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