Princess Cruise to Alaska: Skagway

Our Epic Vacation: Day 13

Day 13 marks the halfway point, so don’t get too excited, because I’ll probably be blogging about this vacation for 100 more years.

2023 update: This was indeed the last post I ever made about the epic vacation. I am inspired to dig up all the rest of the photos and my travel journal and maybe try to finish it.

Skagway 3 Musketeers web
The Three Musketeers waiting to get off ship

Day 13 found us docking in Skagway early in the day. We ate breakfast and got off the ship with all the kids but the two little girls.

I was fascinated by all the graffiti art that was on the cliff near the pier. So fascinated that I took way too many photos!

Skagway Graffiti 2 webSkagway Graffiti 4 webSkagway Graffiti web

I mean, check out that skull! So cool!

Skagway Bria and Brayden web
My oldest daughter and her cousin walking off the dock, towards the railroad.

The first thing we saw as we moved off of the dock was the railroad, famous for its role in the Klondike gold rush.

Skagway Railway web

The kids had a great time climbing on the railroad cars and posing for photos.

Skagway Railway three musketeers web

The Three Musketeers, my middle daughter and her two cousins. They all adore each other.

Skagway Railway Chloe webSkagway Railway Bria White Pass webSkagway Railway Bria web

And I love this photo of my oldest daughter helping her sister down. So sweet. They really do love each other.

Skagway Bria and Chloe webSkagway Railway 1 web

After we had our fun exploring the train, we headed to the Visitor’s Center and learned all about the Klondike. Fascinating stuff, most of which I never really knew (or paid attention to) before. We also got the girls’ National Park passports stamped at the Visitor’s Center.

Then we went shopping in the cute little downtown.

There was a chocolate shop, of course. My husband and I spent some time in there buying bear paws and wolf paws and such.

Skagway Chocolate web

We found Sergeant Preston’s Lodge, and all of the Preston boys posed in front of it.

Skagway Sgt Preston Lodge web

Don’t ask me what my brother is doing in that photo. Unfortunately, it’s the only photo I took of the Preston boys at Sgt. Preston’s place. Rest assured that whatever it is he is doing is a VERY Preston thing to do.

I mean, the littlest Preston boys prove that with their fascination of the “butts” label on the garbage cans in downtown Skagway.

Skagway Butts web

I actually think that may be my favorite photo of the day. Possibly the whole vacation. I can’t help it, I’m a Preston, too.

After we played around downtown, we got back on the ship. But first, a quick photo in the wind…

Skagway web
This is a decidedly unflattering photo of us all. Oh well.

Skagway Marina webSkagway View web

I love this photo of us walking back to the ship. It gives you some idea of what it was like herding all the kids around Alaska!

Skagway Dock web

And you know, just one more of the awesome graffiti cliffs, too.

Skagway Graffiti 3 web

Once back on the ship, we headed to play trivia, which is our favorite ship activity. The rest of the family enjoys it with us, too, and we have a lot of fun.

For dinner that night (and we were so terrible at taking photos onboard the ship), my husband and I ate at the Crown Grill, which is a paid ship restaurant. It was nice to sit together and watch all the glaciers pass by the window. Also, our waiter was Romanian, so that was cool for us because we both served LDS missions to Romania.

After dinner we had an adult NIGHT OF FUN!

We played Pop Music Trivia, and my brother had to show off his Greased Lightning skills in front of everyone. My husband has a video, but when he tried to send it to me, it was just the first frame, and I am too lazy to figure out the problem. So just imagine him pulling an awesome John Travolta move.

Rock and Pop Dave

After we won a bottle of wine in trivia, we learned country line dancing. (My oldest daughter and nephew got to be with the adults that night.) Don’t worry, we gave the wine to someone else.

Line Dancing on the cruise
L-R my mom, my brother, me, my daughter, my sister-in-law

Then my brothers made me sign up for the Karaoke contest. I actually really stink at karaoke. Partly because I am an opera singer and they do not usually have opera arias available. But, I looked through the gigantic book and saw they had “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera. So I sang that.

I had no idea we were being judged and might go on to win the title of Karaoke Superstar of the Entire Ship.

EV Karaoke web

But, I did win that round. Along with a guy who gave an incredible performance of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” We were to report back a couple days later for the finals. I’m not going to tell you what happened…you’ll just have to be in suspense until I actually get around to writing about it.

It could be a week. It could be a year. It could be never

After Karaoke we probably got our normal midnight ice cream and headed to bed.

***End of Day 13***

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your epic vacation posts, what a beautiful country you have!


Thanks so much, Bea! It is truly beautiful–I hope to actually see it all one day, but that will mean a few more epic vacations! 🙂


With both teenagers and toddlers in our family, I struggle to find a way to balance their activities and schedules in a way that works without sacrificing important family time.

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

I tend to get my writing done during graveyard hours which is the only time i have to devote to it, but it's been leading to a lot of late night snacks, and I definitely need to break that vicious cycle as I can't change my writing hours right now!