Productive Mommy Syndrome

Around here, that’s what PMS stands for.

Once a month, I am relentless about getting things done. And I slave-drive my poor family. They must be used to it, because if I raise my voice during normal days, the girls get their feelings so hurt that I never hear the end of it. But during the PMS tirades (which are much, much worse—I really should just leave the house instead), they just roll their eyes at me and blatantly ignore me. Which, of course, makes me more upset.

Today was one of those days, and I accomplished a ton (without my husband, even, since he was out and about being all service-oriented helping people move and stuff).

  • I folded eighteen gazillion loads of laundry.
  • Put away almost that many loads, while making my children do the rest.
  • Cleaned out my youngest daugther’s dresser and closet and pulled out everything that is too small for her.
  • I made beds.
  • Put away the clean dishes.
  • Went down to the basement to find the bin of clothing my youngest will fit into.
  • Realized the basement storage area is a mess.
  • Organized and swept out the basement storage area.
  • Also found a better place for our food storage.
  • Finally discovered the 4T clothing bin.
  • Lugged it upstairs.
  • Pulled out everything my daughter can use, put the rest in the Goodwill pile or left it in the bin (wrong season).
  • Washed, folded and put away all the above mentioned 4T items.
  • Cleaned out the older girls’ closet (drawers will have to wait till next week).
  • Helped my oldest clean the upstairs bathroom.
  • Paid a few bills.
  • Found a candy bar and (oops!) ate it.  
  • Realized why I am in such a bad mood.
  • Ordered math workbooks for the summer.
  • Ordered my husband’s Birthday and/or Father’s Day gift.
  • Cleaned out underneath my bed.
  • Helped the girls straighten the playroom for the upteenth time.
  • Fixed a bunch of hairbows that were falling apart.
  • Mended one of my youngest’s dresses.
  • Studied my YW lesson for tomorrow.
I'm Going There Someday
Please click HERE to find the poem
  • Finished making the handouts and sewing the temple envelopes. (The envelopes were super easy to make—I just used my own as a pattern and they turned out quite lovely.)(I made two—I have one Young Woman and there will be a visitor tomorrow.)
  • Decompressed at the computer.

All of this was interspersed with freaking out at my children for daring to get out a toy or talking too loud or being in the same room with me. Luckily I have my little 3-year-old firecracker who keeps me in line:

You can’t say that to people, Mommy! That’s really rude!

I hope they forgive me someday. And in the meantime, I’m putting myself in a time out to read or watch a movie or something.  My husband can take care of bedtime. And by can take care of bedtime, I definitely mean he’d better take care of bedtime. And no, my kids are not in bed yet.  

Tomorrow will be a much better, if less productive, day.

I’m looking forward to it.

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I like your def of PMS.

When my oldest was youger and trying to figure out what it meant, he guessed "Pissed at a Man Somteimes" That's stuck at our house! : )

Wonder Woman

I wish my PMS was like yours! Mine seems to be the typical lazy, don't-bother-me, binging kind.

Golly, I sound super fun!!!!!!

Loralee and the gang...

I like that. Productive Mommy Syndrome is Much better than the alternative. Usually I have Pooped Mommy Syndrome or Peeved Mommy Syndrome, etc. if I were to apply that to me…


Oh I m jealous of your productivity.

I do get the productive mommy syndrome when I am mad at my husband. That could be as often as a few times a week, or only once or twice a week. But I wish I got it along with the normal once a month kind. When I get the real pms I am just grumpy.


Holy cow wonder woman slow down! You got all of that done in ONE day? You amaze me, but then you always have so nothing new there. I hope tomorrow you are able to slow down and just relax and have some fun, if not you could always fly here, clean out my house and then return home in the early evening to take care of your own;-)


I think I need a disease that makes me productive…ooh no wait actually, I probably border a little on the obsessive compulsive side as it is, so I take that back.

Glad you got a lot done & Sophia is just too much! I love her never even having met her. 🙂


What a great list of accomplishments!

On a different note: Yesterday I met a lady and she was telling me about her blog. She also mentioned that there was a CBC going on (yes, I knew that). She wasn't able to attend (nor I), but your post, about wishing you were there, popped in to my mind. I thought of you yesterday..


Great way to define PMS! Sometimes I feel like I should just make a general family announcement when mine is coming so everyone and duck and cover.


NIce to know us women all relate to the PMS syndrome! Now, what did you say mommy?


Another one who wishes the PMS meant that I was productive. You could come to my house and give your kids and hubby a break and be productive here. 😉
Congrats on a productive day!


I am SO unproductive when I have PMS. Not that I have PMS, of course, because I am always perfectly even-tempered and kind and always ALWAYS productive.

Let's just say Friday was an unproductive day AND I yelled a lot.


I like to retaliate with "you think THAT was rude… "


That's a crazy awesome list you have there. I have list envy. 🙂


It's funny–my pms days I feel like I can't do ANYTHING–and then I start, and I am a PRODUCTIVE MACHINE!

Was that too much information?

Probably was.

Oh well.

Annette Lyon

Crimeny, woman, you've been productive! I think my house could use an occasional PMS day of your variety just for the sake of catch-up.


I have NO idea how you get so much done in a day. I can't even get a list half that size done no matter how hard I work. Can I blame it on having 5 kids???

Relyn Lawson

Yikes. I hate it when that happens. Today I snapped at Sloane for getting some sugar on the floor. No big deal, I know. I had just swept it, but instead of sweeping again, I snapped. Thank God she's a forgiving little one.


I dunno…all snapping aside, I think your story was pretty hilarious. Just think what you could accomplish if you could channel the energy part (if not the crabby part) whenever you needed it! You'd rule the world.


How can I get my hormones tweaked to be productive when they're out of whack? I would even be willing to take an extra dose of grouchy for it.


VERY jealous of your productivity! I, too, like your definition of PMS. Maybe I need to get some!?!? No… I'll pass 🙂 Hope the tomorrow was a better day for you.


I get that way too. I just wish I could get that way on more days with fewer emotions. Any suggestions?!

The temple bags are lovely. What a treasured item for your YW to have!