Stay Healthy this Holiday Season with Maty’s All Natural Products

I’m the kind of person who hates taking medications. I just don’t always feel awesome about immediately turning to them when I am sick and often I would rather let things run their course if they aren’t too bad, anyway. And I much prefer trying natural remedies first, if I can.

Recently, Maty’s Healthy Products asked me to try out their all natural cough syrup. Lucky for them, they caught me at a time when I really needed it. I had already resorted to going to the doctor’s and begging for some relief from the nasty bug I had come down with, but the cough syrup with codeine didn’t help much. Plus I was filling my body up with codeine, and I wasn’t very happy about that at all.

Almost a month of this crud. 1:30 am and I still can’t sleep for the coughing. #codeinedoesnothing #sickofbeingsick #whining

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I was miserable.

I started taking some of the Maty’s all natural cough syrup, and while I wasn’t immediately cured of my affliction (did I mention what a nasty bug it was?), I can say it helped my cough without making me feel all weird due to other drugs.

Let’s stay healthy the natural way!

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maria cantu

Family getting together to decorate the christmas tree.
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Denise L

My biggest challenge is cutting back on sugar in our otherwise healthy diets.
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Denise L


Every where we go treats and terrible food are offered! I have always
made sure my kids know that staying healthy means eating a balanced