You Are Not Your Brain

Bad Habits? I definitely have more than enough of those. Unhealthy thinking?  Unfortunately, yes. I struggle with that, too.

Sometimes I wonder why I can’t control my actions as well as I would like. Self-discipline and moderation have always been a little elusive to me. I have my moments, but I also have my moments, if you know what I mean. It seems like sheer willpower should be enough to break bad habits and establish the ones that my heart really wants in my life, but I find myself failing over and over again. (See exercise, eating right, losing weight, organization, time management, etc.)

And yet according to You Are Not Your Brain, a new book by Jeffrey Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding about learning how to finally breaking the habits that frustrate each of us, willpower isn’t enough. Instead, they reintroduce a 4-step solution to achieve better control of our thoughts and actions.

I say reintroduce, because I am already very familiar with Dr. Schwartz’s work with OCD in his book Brainlock.  I have seen these 4 steps work to change thought patterns and actions in the life of someone close to me. While that person suffers from OCD and I have seen firsthand how well these steps work to alleviate it, I have never once thought that I could use them in my own life to combat my own ADHD or difficulty sticking to a diet. How enlightening to realize that I can!

As I’ve been reading this new book, I have also realized that I can use these principles in the motherhood, too. I had a nice conversation with one of my daughters the other day about our brains telling us to do things that we shouldn’t do. We talked about how we don’t actually have to do those things and I introduced the first couple steps. And she got it.

I am excited about using these steps in my own life, and if you are interested in learning about them and using them in your life, I do have one copy to give away.  Just comment here and tell me one of the bad habits you’d like to see eliminated from your life.


I received this book from the publisher via TLC Booktours.

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My biggest struggles at this point in my live is to exercise with passion like I did a year ago and to have self discipline when it comes to food. I seem to have lost both this past year and any help at all would be wonderful. Whether I win the book or not I am sure I will be purchasing it shortly, right after your contest.


Eating!!! In moderation and not because I'm upset/happy/frustrated/bored…or any other emotion that I might experience!!!!


Oh man. I have a problem not finishing what I start. I start something, and halfway through I think of three other things I had started and not finished. So I go try to finish some of those, and get easily distracted. Ugh. 🙂


I'm glad you enjoyed this one – it sounds like it makes a LOT of sense.

Thanks for being on the tour!

Maddy S

Wow, I have so many bad habits this shouldn't be hard. How about being impatient with my kids. I'd really like to learn how to be more patient.

A Mormon Mommy

I would love to get rid of my eating habits. I seem to do well during the day, but once night rolls around and the kids are in bed, I feel like I need a treat because I survived the night and I end up eating ice cream, chips and salsa and something else!! It's terrible. No wonder I can't lose any weight!


Thanks for the book reviews!

I wish that I could lose my habit of worrying about everything. My husband barely listens to them anymore because they're just so constant. It kind of makes me a stick in the mud, and I hate it.

The Atomic Mom

Where do I start?

1–holding grudges
2–Not enjoying the moments I'm in
3–etc etc etc….



Wow, this book is for me right now.

I have such a hard time looking beyond previous bad experiences with someone and not assuming that they still have bad intentions… does that make any sense?

It's all code for: my in-laws have been a bit crazy before and now I don't trust them at all and they think I'm nuts because of it!


Am I too late? I want to win!
I have a problem not eating junk food at night after I put the kids to bed. Ugh! I do pretty well during the day, but nights are super hard for me.


I hope I'm not too late… I would say that I would really want to get away from the cravings. I had to stop eating dairy and soy for my nursing baby and I lost 20 pounds in just 2 months. But the cravings can really be brutal sometimes. And making dinners for my family, I feel like crying every time. Ya, that is pathetic I know. 🙂


Ooh!! This sounds awesome!! A lot of the girls at my treatment center are required to read Brainlock an it's been on my list for forever. I would love a copy of this. I'm really trying to kick my awful eating habits, stop biting my nails, and get a handle on the way I spend money.
If you still have a free copy I would LOVE one!! 🙂