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Friday, June 22, 2007

Harry Potter

Just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (#3) in my preparation for the final book.

And, that's mostly why I haven't been around much.

Off to start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire....


  1. I'm soooooooooo excited for Harry Potter 7. I'm such a kid. I read all the books a couple of months ago. The only down side is that after this book there will no longer be anymore Harry Potter to look forward to.

  2. I never read any of the books..Christopher listened to them on cd and loved them.....I am looking forward to the movie though! Enjoy your reading time!

  3. Lara, you are a gal after my own heart. I so love the Harry Potter books and movies. My whole family is so excited about the final book coming out. I first read the book when it comes out and then borrow it on tape from the library and listen to it. I love to listen to books on tape on my way to work. Great Blog! Keep it up.

  4. My daughter's getting the next one for her birthday, so I've been thinking we need to backtrack too & refresh our memories. Well I do. I think *she* can quote everything. :-)

  5. I am reading number 4 right now too. :)