How to Make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume

Did you know that Harry Potter is turning 34 years old this week?


Well, trust me, he is. I am excited to be participating in a Happy Harry Potter Series with Marissa at Rae Gun Ramblings to celebrate this momentous occasion! What could be better than a bunch of bloggers who love Harry Potter getting together to share ways to celebrate The Boy Who Lived?

Nothing, that’s what!

Want to be a Harry Potter character, but don't want to be the same as everyone else? Why not be a golden snitch? Here are directions for a simple and cost-effective golden snitch costume.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you may remember our Very Hogwartsy Halloween in 2011, when my girls all went as Harry Potter characters. My oldest was Hermione, Middle Daughter was “Some Kid in Gryffindor,” and my youngest was a Golden Snitch.

Yes, leave it to a 5-year-old to decide to be the one Harry Potter thing that isn’t sold commercially. She really had her heart set on being a snitch, so I set to work figuring out how to do it.

How to make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch costume

Materials needed:
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Pumpkin costume pattern

The pattern I had on hand is no longer in print, but this one or this one will both be perfect. Pumpkins are a popular kids’ costume at Halloween, so finding a pattern that is doable for you shouldn’t be difficult.


A snitch is just a little round ball, so I decided to use the same pattern I used when I made a pumpkin costume a long time ago. If you know your way around a pattern, this is the easiest way.

I used a Simplicity pattern, but if you head to your local fabric shop and look through the pattern catalogs, you will easily find a pumpkin pattern that will fit your needs.

I used gold lamé fabric for the outside, and lined the inside with fleece, which is what the pattern calls for. This gives it some “puffy” structure, and it keeps the costume-wearer a little warmer, too.

Use angel wings as the golden snitch wings.

I bought some angel wings for the wings. Cheap and easy.

At Halloween time, there are always a ton of different wing styles to choose from, but I thought these angel wings looked the most “snitchy.”

How to Make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume

The entire reason my daughter wanted to be a golden snitch that Halloween was because she was given this Harry Potter golden snitch by her grandma. She wanted to still incorporate it into the costume, so I used a ribbon and made it into a necklace for her. I just used some hot glue and glued the snitch right onto the ribbon.

How to Make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume

This particular daughter of mine is incredibly strong-willed. Not only was she the only golden snitch in town for Halloween (and also the fastest golden snitch on earth!), she refused to wear her costume properly.

There is elastic sewn onto the bottom so you can fill it up with newspaper or even other fabric to make it look like it is actually round. She would have nothing to do with that, and every time the costume begin to ride up and poof out, she tugged it down vehemently.

So, I invited my fun little friend Ruby to come try on the costume the other day. My daughter has long grown out of it and Ruby is just the right size. Plus Ruby thought it was the best thing ever to stuff it with newspaper and be a round ball.

How to Make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume

How to Make a Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume

(I’m sort of amazed that the costume is still in such good condition. The snitch necklace is missing one of its wings, but otherwise my little friend Ruby could totally be a snitch for Halloween this year if she wants to!)

We loved this Halloween costume and it was really quite easy to make with the pumpkin pattern. It was also very cost-effective: I only needed a couple of yards of the lamé, I had a ton of fleece on hand already, and the wings were only a few dollars. For a wonderfully unique costume that everyone raved about, this was a good deal!

If you would like to see all the Harry Potter goodness other bloggers are posting, head over to Rae Gun Ramblings for a comprehensive list.

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Have a Harry Potter Halloween!

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THAT is an adorable costume. 🙂

Rae Gun

This is just too cute. And I love how easy it is to put together

From Tracie

Super awesome costume!!


It really was very easy. Thanks again for asking me to participate in your Happy Harry Potter series! It's been so much fun!

Wendy Eaton

Nice job! Very creative!