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Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Grill a Perfect Steak Every Time!

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One of my very favorite things about summer time is grilling dinner and eating it outside in the yard. I just love it. And my very favorite meal to eat off the grill is a big, juicy steak. Lucky for me The Maestro is a master griller and makes a perfect steak every single time (which is at least weekly!).

 How to Grill a Perfect Steak Every Time! It's so much easier than you might think--no fancy marinades or sauces, just a juicy, tender steak that everyone will love!

Lucky for you, he was willing to share all of his secrets with me, so I could in turn share them with you. Now you, too, can become a regular grilling Maestro. (Stick with this post until the very end, and you will not only learn how to grill the perfect steak, but you will be able to download a coupon for Wet-Nap.)

Happy Grilling!

(Couldn't resist the photo--he was totally being a dork because I was taking a picture, but he really does love grilling just this much, and don't ever let him try to convince you otherwise.)

How to Grill a Perfect Steak Every Time!

1. There are many different cuts of steak, and you'll probably be surprised to learn that The Maestro actually prefers to grill Top Sirloin. It's one of the cheaper cuts, so this makes me and my grocery budget happy, too.

Choose a cut that is approximately one inch thick. If it is much thicker or thinner than that, the following instructions cannot guarantee a perfect result.

2. Cover both sides of the steak in rock salt and let sit for exactly one hour. We usually just let it sit out on the counter in the styrofoam tray it came in and set the kitchen timer for 60 minutes.

3. After the hour is up, rinse off the salt in the sink and then pat the steak with paper towels in order to remove the excess water.

4. Pepper both sides of the steak. The Maestro just uses regular old black pepper, but you could use a fancier pepper if you wanted to. The true beauty of this steak is that there is no marinating or any fussiness, and it still turns out heavenly with just a few shakes of pepper.

5.  Grill the steak over high heat (we have a propane grill) for approximately 2 minutes per side. The Maestro likes to give it a quarter-turn after one minute on each side so it gets nice grill marks.

Grill for one minute
Quarter-turn, grill for another minute
Flip steak, grill for one minute
Quarter-turn, grill for one last minute

This will get your steak to a medium-rare/medium-well doneness. If you like it more or less done, you can adjust accordingly, but this is pretty perfect as far as we are concerned.

6. Take the steak off of the grill and place it into a baking dish and cover it with foil. Leave it in this dish for 10 minutes to seal the flavor--do not cut the steak, do not uncover it, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Instead, take that 10 minutes to get your picnic table ready for the best steak you've ever eaten. 

Once the 10 minutes is up, The Maestro cuts the steak into smaller pieces and we dig right in to a perfectly tender, juicy steak. Mmmm-mm.

7.  Make your clean up easier with Wet-Nap. While I absolutely love grilling and eating outdoors, I don't love the mess. Our outdoor meals always seem to be stickier than usual, and regular napkins just don't do the job we need. Which is why I love to use Wet-Nap products. For grilling in the backyard, the canister of wipes is perfect, but I love the individually wrapped ones to keep in the car or my purse because my children get sticky everywhere they go (especially the one named Sophia).

 How to Grill a Perfect Steak Every Time! It's so much easier than you might think--no fancy marinades or sauces, just a juicy, tender steak that everyone will love!

Wet-Nap hand wipes are stronger and softer than ever before, plus they don't dry out your skin because they are infused with aloe. I bought mine at Walmart, where they can be found in the napkin aisle or in the health and beauty section near things like cotton swabs.
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  1. That looks wonderful! I may have to forget about the sandwich I was thinking of making and go for a steak this afternoon for lunch!

  2. I'm going to need those wet naps because I am drooling over the beef! (the steak..the steak.. not your husband!) ;)

  3. That looks good! Maybe I'll just surprise my hubs and do this myself :)

  4. ok I have got to get my hubby to try out this way of cooking a steak because it seems so easy with no marinading.

  5. I don't eat steak but my husband is a fan. He does the grilling there for sure. This looks like something he'd enjoy!

  6. I hope he does. And yes, I love summer because my husband grills A LOT. :)

  7. It really is super easy! I hope he enjoys it.

  8. Good plan! I don't know how to turn on our grill...

  9. I hope you found a steak to eat!

  10. I admit that cooking steaks intimidates me! Thanks for the fabulous tips!