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Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Lessons I Learned by Decluttering for a Month

Join the challenge! Declutter your life in 31 Days.

That's all folks.

Today is Halloween (want to see our costumes?) and the end of this 31 Day series, and I am here to give an accounting.

My Top Five Lessons Learned

1. Stuff doesn't bring you happiness.

2. Putting things away immediately saves a lot of work later.

3. Just a few minutes a day makes a huge difference.

4. Getting rid of the clutter is more freeing than I originally thought.

5. Organization is something you have to constantly keep up with.


Writing a 31 Day Series on your blog is insane. But you learn a lot from it, even if you feel like you didn't sleep for the entire month of October.

For November, I'm going to sleep more. But I am going to get to the big decluttering projects October didn't allow. Namely kids' rooms and craft storage.

I might even write about it.

What was the biggest thing you learned from decluttering this month?

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