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Printable Summer Checklists for Your Kids

Help your kids learn to set goals for themselves this summer with this printable goal workbook. It includes printable checklists to help them stay on track with things like exercise, reading, music practice, and chores.

Print out these summer checklists to keep your kids' eyes on their goals during summer break!

This summer, I wanted my girls to do a few things.

First, I wanted them to set and be accountable for goals. Goal making is something we've done a little bit at our house, but I'm never so great at the follow-up. I really wanted to make sure we had a built-in way for them to follow up on their goals and be accountable for the things that they decided that they would do.

Make a summer checklist workbook for your kids to stay on top of things like chores and reading.

Second, I wanted to be better at keeping track of their daily tasks.

Every summer, our "rule" is that they must read, practice, do chores, and exercise before they can do other things. ("Other things" generally meaning electronics—I'm fine if they go out and do active things with friends before reading or chores.)

During the school year, their chore checklists are kept on the bulletin board in the kitchen, but I wanted to set it apart for summer.

So I came up with the idea of a summer workbook to house both their goal sheets and all of their checklists. And actually, I also decided that they can have unlimited electronics, provided everything else is checked off first.

We have monthly goal sheets—one each for June, July, and August:

Goal setting and accountability is an essential skill for children to learn. Help them set goals and follow through with them by using this summer goal setting workbook. #overstuffedlife

We have weekly goal sheets:

Goal setting and accountability is an essential skill for children to learn. Help them set goals and follow through with them by using this summer goal setting workbook. #overstuffedlife

We have weekly checklists for chores:

Printable chore checklists to be included in a summer workbook for children.

We have weekly checklists for reading (they are looking forward to reading all the books from their summer reading lists)(each circle represents 20 minutes of reading):

Printable reading checklists to be included in a summer workbook for kids.

We have weekly checklists for exercise (each circle represents 20 minutes of exercise: riding bikes, playing sports, running, walking, etc.):

Checklists for summer exercise to be included in summer workbooks for kids.

And we have weekly checklists for music practice (each circle represents 20 minutes for Bria and Chloe, and 10 minutes for Sophia):

Checklists for music practice to be included in summer workbook for children.

Here's how to put your own summer workbooks together:

Materials needed:

These separate printables would be good to add into your books as well:


  • Print the cover page and divider pages onto cardstock.
  • Print the checklist pages onto regular printer paper.
  • Use the laminator to laminate the cover page and a blank piece of cardstock for the back page.
  • Use the spiral binding machine to put together the entire book (it's not difficult, I promise!)
  • Add the index tabs as monthly dividers. 

It was super easy to put together and the result is summer workbooks/checklists for the children that are all in one place—and that they can easily take with them from room to room, or even to camp, if they want to keep track of things like goals, reading, or exercise while they are gone.

To download:

Enter your email address into the form below and receive the entire file by email. 

What you will receive:

  • Summer Workbook Cover (I deleted the name, so it just says "summer workbook")
  • Monthly Goals: June, July, August
  • Weekly Goals (I eliminated the week number from the downloads for all the weekly checklists and made it fill-in-the-blank instead)
  • Reading Checklist
  • Chore Checklist
  • Exercise Checklist
  • Music Practice Checklist (I made it specifically "violin" or "piano" for my girls, but the downloads simply say "music")

Learn from my mistakes and make sure your printer ink is in good shape before you start printing!

Mine don't look wonderful on every page because both my black and color started to run out during all my printing—oops! (You can see in the photos where the ink was struggling...oh well...perfection is not necessary for this kind of stuff!)

Limit electronic usage this summer by using a fun printable workbook that helps your kids read, exercise, practice, and do jobs before they look at screens. Also helps them with goal setting for the summer. #overstuffedlife

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works in our home. I'm hoping that it limits electronic usage and helps my girls be more disciplined and more productive, but most of all that it helps them to have their best summer ever!

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