April 2018 General Conference Study Bookmarks

Apparently I only am able to do these bookmarks in the spring, but…it’s spring! And we had a wonderful General Conference at the beginning of this month. I have really enjoyed having these bookmarks to help me study conference, so I’m excited for my Ensign to come so I can get started!

One of the biggest announcements from the April 2018 General Conference was that visiting and home teaching no longer exist and are being replaced with a program simply called “ministering.” I’m very excited about this change, and I look forward to having a few resources here on my blog to help out.

Many of my readers have used the past versions of these bookmarks as something to give to the sisters they visit taught, and I think they will continue to be something great to pass on to the sisters you are assigned to minister.

Note: The photo above features last year’s bookmarks! And the Ensign from 2 years ago! Don’t worry—when you download the bookmarks from this post you will receive April 2018 bookmarks.

I like the bookmarks because they are a visual reminder of where I am in my studies, and I work better when I study things on paper.

How to make General Conference Study Bookmarks

1. Download the Printable

In order to download the printable file, just put your email into the form at the end of this post and it will be sent directly to you.

2. Print it out

The bookmark is designed to be two-sided. Print it out onto one side of your white cardstock, then reload the paper and print it on the other side. Every printer is a bit different, so make sure you know how to load the paper so it prints in the correct orientation! It should match up perfectly, though I did have trouble with my new printer in getting it aligned just right. But even though it didn’t quite match up, I was able to cut it out without issue.

Alternatively, you could glue two papers together to get your front and back.

3. Laminate (optional)

I really like laminating things, so I laminate my bookmarks. They are less likely to rip or get ruined by spilling food or drink on them if they are laminated. I also like to use a dry erase marker or sharpie to keep track of which talks I have studied already.

I have this laminator, which is quite inexpensive. I use these laminating sheets and a small paper cutter.

4. Add a ribbon (also optional)

To make it look extra bookmarky and pretty, I like to punch a hole at the top and add some ribbon. I left space on the printable so you can do that if you’d like.

I printed one for me and one for The Maestro. He’s more of a listen to the talks kind of guy, but he might use the bookmark here and there. I’m also definitely going to take one to the ladies I minister to this month, too!

I hope you enjoy your General Conference study bookmarks.

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