August 2016 Visiting Teaching Printable

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately, so this month’s visiting teaching message on Nurturing Families was perfect for me. The idea that the Lamanites were more righteous than the Nephites simply because they loved their families really hit me hard. (Jacob 3:7)

Sometimes it’s hard to love our families—and sometimes it’s just hard to show the love that we feel. I see that reality in action on a daily basis as I watch my children interact with one another.

August 2016 Visiting Teaching handout printable. "The Home is to be a laboratory of love and service." Elder Russell M. Nelson

I think that part of the reason we are put into family units on this earth is solely to learn to love one another. That’s why I loved Elder Nelson’s quote:

“The home is to be God’s laboratory of love and service.”

Isn’t that a wonderful way to think of our homes? A laboratory of love and service. I will continue to experiment and learn how to love and show love with those I truly do love most. What a beautiful gift.

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August 2016 Visiting Teaching handout. Print out Russell M. Nelson quote "The home is to be God's laboratory of love and service."

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