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A couple weeks ago Russell M. Nelson gave a talk entitled “Becoming True Millennials.” I loved his message to the youth of the millennial generation—a generation people typically think of as being entitled, lazy, and hopeless.

Elder Nelson said, “Many people refer to you as Millennials. I’ll admit that when researchers refer to you by that word and describe what their studies reveal about you—your likes and dislikes, your feelings and inclinations, your strengths and weaknesses—I’m uncomfortable. There is something about the way they use the term Millennial that bothers me. And frankly, I am less interested in what the experts have to say about you than what the Lord has told me about you.”

A printable from Russell M Nelson's recent talk "Becoming True Millennials." Perfect for youth classes or family home evenings, or just to display at home. #overstuffedlife

Love that. Because ultimately, it’s the Lord that matters, right?

My mom asked me to create a printable based on another quote from the talk. She plans to frame it and give it to the kids in her Primary class on their birthdays.

Here is the quote she liked, “My beloved brothers and sisters, you were born to be True Millennials! You are a chosen generation, fore-determined by God to do a remarkable work—to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of the Lord.”

Isn’t that beautiful? It’s something I definitely want my children to remember. I plan on using this talk for a Family Home Evening lesson soon, and giving my own girls copies of this quote. They are amazing spirits and they are here on this earth now for a reason, and I want them to know that.

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