Ms. DeVille

I didn’t dress up for the Friday night Treat Street thing. But I did dress up on Saturday for actual Halloween. Too bad hardly anyone saw my costume to appreciate all the work I did on my hair. It may have been easier to buy a wig.

After the lovely Friday night weather, Saturday was cold and rainy. Joel took the girls Trick-or-Treating through our neighborhood while I stayed home to pass out candy. I was kind of shocked at how few Trick-or-Treaters I had. Maybe five groups of kids total. And most of them were college students. In costume. I loved that.


After seeing these pictures Joel took of me, I think I know why fur coats went out of style. It has nothing to do with animal rights activism, and everything to do with how fat they make a girl look. This particular fur was my grandmother’s, and while I don’t see myself ever wearing it to the opera, I love that it was hers and I love finding some reasons to use it.

Sophia told everyone that Chloe was an “Evil Witch” for Halloween and Mommy was a “Mean, Evil Witch.” I got a kick out of that.

The meanest thing I did this year was offer to buy out my children’s candy. They could pick the ten best pieces (and hello! My neighborhood passed out a number of full-sized candy bars, so they got a lot more than I bargained for!) and sell the rest to Joel and me for ten dollars. It’s worth it to me to have happier children that aren’t hopped up on sugar for 3 weeks. I bought Sophia out with a Cinderella Barbie doll that cost me ten dollars at the store.

Bria wasn’t going to go for it, but in the end, she relented. Joel now has a lot of candy to take to his office and do something about, because it isn’t staying in this house!

And that, my friends, is the end of the Halloween saga in our neck of the woods!

Until next year…

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Alyson | New England Living

You looked totally FAB!



I'll have to show Kanoa this tomorrow since he loves 101 Dalmations now.