How to Make Scripture Study a Priority

5 ways to make scripture reading easier

My husband reads his scriptures over breakfast every morning. I always smile as I notice his scriptures lying open on the dining room table after he leaves for work. He is a great example to me of what it means to make scripture study a priority and an established habit.

I, on the other hand, study my scriptures randomly—I have no established habit. As a result, I do not study my scriptures every day and I do not reap the same benefits that my husband does.

Like any habit, scripture study must be made a priority if you want it to take hold. I recognize I have put many other things ahead of scripture study and that is one of the big reasons that it has not been an established habit since having children (guess what I often put ahead of scriptures?). Another reason is that I have refused to do my scripture study in the morning, but by the evening I am too tired to really get much out of it.

If you've ever felt you're too busy to read your scriptures, these ideas will help. Putting scripture study first is a powerful habit, but you have to figure out how to make scripture study a priority!

I know for a fact that studying the scriptures daily makes powerful changes in my life. I have experienced this many times when I did have a better habit in place. I want to have that same power in my life now, so scripture reading must become a priority.

How to Make Personal Scripture Study a Priority

1. Do it early

This is a perfect example of the Eat That Frog principle—scripture reading is difficult enough to do that it must be done early in the day. Now that I am working on getting up earlier in the morning and planning my day, I will add scripture study to that quiet time. It does not have to be done for hours and hours—just a few minutes a day is enough to make a big difference in your life.

On my mission, I did it in the morning. It is actually possible, and I need to remember that!

2. Do it in front of your children

When my girls were younger, I fell out of the habit of scripture study because they were always underfoot and I felt like I needed quiet time to get the most out of my study. Well, guess what? Quiet time never came! And when it did, I used it to sleep.

What if I had chosen instead to read my scriptures while the kids were playing near me? Not only would I have gotten it done, it would have been a powerful example to my children. Even though they are teenagers now, they are still underfoot often enough—it’s never too late to start!

3. Keep a scripture journal

This is my favorite way to study the scriptures, and it motivates me to do it. I just keep a small notebook where I write down my thoughts, impressions, and questions as I study. It helps keep my mind in the scriptures instead of letting it wander while I read. When I’m not keeping a journal and adding that extra aspect into my study, I can easily read an entire page without paying attention to what I just read.

4. Don’t read electronically 

I know that reading the scriptures on your phone is better than not reading them at all, but I also know that it is much easier to get distracted while reading on your phone. Try to do at least some study out of your actual book so that notifications and the sheer temptation of social media don’t sidetrack you.

5. Listen to your scriptures

Just like finding time to read any book, sometimes audible books are the way to go. Put your scriptures on while driving or doing chores and at least you will have listened to the word of God that day—even if you weren’t able to pull out your journal or highlight passages.

I know that making scripture study a priority will bring some wonderful insights into your life. I have often found answers to prayer while studying the scriptures, and if I hadn’t taken the time to study that day, I would never have received those answers and insights. I also know it’s hard as a busy mom to find the time. I’m living proof. But tomorrow morning I will at least read a few verses by myself and not rely only on our family scripture reading to get me through the day.

  • Small Habit: Study the scriptures daily.
  • Big Difference: Insights and inspiration, be closer to the spirit, answers to prayer.

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Henri Balraj

Takes 3 weeks nee 21 days to form a habit!

Henri Balraj

Takes 3 weeks nee 21 days to form a habit!