January 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable

Did you hear that thud just now? It was the sound of my Visiting Teaching companion fainting.

I have been a TERRIBLE visiting teacher since I moved up here. In a tiny branch it’s just sort of different, plus to be 100% honest, I struggle a little with the whole program.

But, regardless of where I live and my own personal struggles of faith, I should do better. And in the spirit of feeling peace this year, I’m not going to let the guilt of not doing visiting teaching get to me. Because I’m actually going to do it. Did you hear that companion? I’m going to be a decent visiting teacher this year!

I’ve purchased a few 5×7 frames from the dollar store, which I have filled with this month’s printable. I intend to make a new one each month and will deliver it with either a sit down message or a plate of goodies. Each sister can then switch the picture in the frame each month to remind her of whatever the current month’s message is.

It looks like we will be studying The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ for the year 2014. January’s theme is “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Exemplar.

CLICK HERE to download from box.net.

A friend of mine asked, so I made one in Spanish as well.

January 2014 Visiting Teaching Message Spanish

CLICK HERE to download from box.net.

More LDS-themed printables:

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Thank you! I have a few 5×7 frames around I can use as well, and I need the Spanish version also. This will definitely get me motivated this year with VTing and even though I live in Provo I still need all the motivation I can get. 🙂


Not one in Romanian!?
Kidding 😉


Thank you, my dear! What font is that in red? It's lovely.