October 2016 Visiting Teaching Printable

October’s visiting teaching message is The Family is Ordained of God. Really, it is just a culmination of many of the earlier messages this year. It’s all about family and family is important because family is ordained of God.

That’s it. That’s the big plan. God put us in family units for an important reason—many of which have already been covered in the visiting teaching messages of 2016.

Download and print this visiting teaching handout for the October 2016 visiting teaching message. Features a quote by Carole M. Stephens: "The Father's plan for His children is a plan of love."

Simply put, even if we don’t always see His reasoning, the plan He has set forth is because He loves us.

“The Father’s plan for His children is a plan of love.”

A couple other quotes that I have used in past visiting teaching printables will also work for this month’s lesson.

“We each belong to and are needed in the family of God.”

January 2016—to download, click here: January 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout

“If it is the Lord’s plan, it should also be our plan.”

February 2016—to download, click here: February 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout

To download the October 2016 Visiting Teaching handout:

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October 2016 visiting teaching handout. Download and print the Carole M. Stephens quote "The Father's plan for His children is a plan of love."

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