Sunday Adventures in Wonderland

Never fear, my children did not attend church today in their Halloween costumes.

As far as good photos of all the children go, I realized Halloween night was probably not going to be a good night for photos with the craziness of school and homework thrown into the mix.  So I had the brilliant idea to stage some fun Halloween photos instead of doing our typical Sunday photo today.

And we had so much fun!

Meet Alice in Wonderland…

IMG_8136 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8123 Halloween 13 web
IMG_8042 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8018 Halloween 2013 web

She’s not really sure how she landed here, but she did find a lovely tea party.  That is, if you can call taking tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare “lovely.”

Meet the Seven of Hearts…

IMG_8119 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8093 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8083 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8100 Halloween 2013 web

She’s been busy painting the roses red, hoping the Queen of Hearts won’t notice all of the paint she splattered on herself in her rush to hide the white roses.

Meet the Cheshire Cat.
(See how we put her costume together here: DIY Cheshire Cat)

IMG_8064 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8148 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8062 Halloween 2013 web
IMG_8165 Halloween 13 web

She is quite fond of sitting in trees giving lost little girls strange advice.  And disappearing.

Cheshire Cat and Alice

Maybe her advice isn’t so very strange.  May we all know where we are going and find the right roads to get us there.  And may we all have a lovely week in the process!

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