Ten pictures of San Francisco: Day 1
(In no particular order)

Quite possibly my favorite picture from the entire vacation. The Golden Gate Bridge:
Me and the Golden Gate Bridge, taken by Joel from the boat:
Joel and a shoe eating cable car:
Picture of Alcatraz I took from the boat on our fancy cruise around the bay:
A visit to Ghirardelli Square:
My luscious caramel sundae at Ghirardelli Square (incidentally the last sugar I have ever eaten, and hope to keep it that way for a very long time):
Eating at the Blue Mermaid:

Fisherman’s Wharf (I love how this picture turned out):
The Sea Lions at Pier 39: More to come…..

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It looks like such a fun time! I am so glad you enjoyed the trip. I am glad you got your shoe back. It was great seeing you. I hope we can manage it again sometime.



Looks like a great trip!! The pics are fabulous!!


We’ll have to try the blue mermaid…
sounds yummiola.


The picture of you at the Blue Mermaid is too cute! Hope me and the kids weren’t too crazy for you. I know I about lost it there with Christian at one point. 🙁 …Jill


beautiful! we want more :)!


LOVE these pictures, Lara! Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! The Golden Gate Bridge one should be a postcard.


Wow! Another person blogging like sixty while my internet was out! Great pictures – can I have a bite of that yummy dessert?!?!? Please???? 🙂